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Saving vertical scrolling on a per piece basis
The documentation for this must be somewhere but I haven't been able to find it. Is it possible to customize vertical scrolling distances on a per piece basis and have it saved? I am specifically speaking here of landscape mode. On some pieces vertical scrolling causes a line of music to only be half displayed at the bottom or the top. I am using a foot pedal for the scrolling if that matters.

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Which vertical scrolling distances are you referring to? If you are using the single page display in landscape orientation with half page turns, then you can tap to bring up the song overlay, then tap on the icon at the bottom that looks like a page with dotted lines going up and down from it. This will let you set the half page turn positions. Tap the icon, drag the first half to where you want it to be, then it will scroll to the second half, and you can scroll that to where you want it to be. 

Thanks for the response.

Yes, I am using single page display in landscape orientation with half page turns.  Unfortunately I can't get this to work.

I have a page that has a song title and 5 bars of music.  Three bars of music are displayable on the screen at one time.  I can set the first scroll position below the song title so that I am displaying the first 3 bars of music.  This works fine.  However, I am unable to scroll to any second position that will allow the second 2 bars of music to display. 

When I open the song it does display the first 3 bars of music (with the song title at the top correctly not displayed.)  However, when I scroll down I only get an additional bar (the 4th) and a little bit of the 5th.  I'd have to hit the pedal an additional time for the 5th bar (to the rest of the page) to display.  Namely, it doesn't scroll down all the way to the second scroll position.

It would be nice if it would honor the second scroll position and display from that scroll position to the end of the page, (which is less than one screen distance.)
NuVision 13.3" Full HD - 16GB - Android Internet Tablet with Keyboard Case, Stand & Stylus (TM1318) - Purple
What action do you currently have assigned to your pedal? Half page turns rely on you using the "go to next page" type action (the same as if you tapped the side of the screen). If your pedal is set to an action that scrolls the page, then  you are going to run into problems with using the features I've described.
I had it "set to scroll down or go to next page."  Per your suggestion, I changed it to "go to next page."  And now it ignores the second scroll position and just goes to the next page. 

I'll set it back to the way I had it.  At least that way I am able to see the rest of the music on the page even if it means an extra pedal push.


Ok, I got it.  It seems I had it set to "to to next page or start of next song" instead of just "go to next page."
NuVision 13.3" Full HD - 16GB - Android Internet Tablet with Keyboard Case, Stand & Stylus (TM1318) - Purple
Well, there is still a problem, or perhaps an issue that can't be done.

If the music fits nicely into two screens then all is well, but what if one needs a bit more than that, like 2.5 screenfulls to display the music, or even 3?  One can display the first "page" and the "second" but how can one display the remainder?  If one presses the pedal after the second screen of music is displayed. then the rest of that music is ignored and the next page is displayed.

I guess what I am looking for in the ideal world is the following:

that one can set as many stop points as desired (within reason) on the page of music, and then each press of the pedal would move that next section to the top of the screen.  When there were no more sections then the next page would display.
NuVision 13.3" Full HD - 16GB - Android Internet Tablet with Keyboard Case, Stand & Stylus (TM1318) - Purple
I'm not sure why you created a new post, but I replied to that one.
Mike, if you're thinking about some changes for vertical scrolling I wanted to warm up some old suggestions of mine.

I'm using vertical scrolling in portrait mode for my piano scores in my bigband. So there are quite a few repeats, segnos etc. for which 
I prepare the pages by the page order (duplicating and cropping them if necessary).

It's working pretty well but I'd like to suggest some enhancements.

First one is an old request for adjustable speed for page turns (which is scrolling up in my case) so the scrolling gets not to fast
and you can still follow the part you're currently playing with the eyes while scrolling.

The other one is similar to the original request in this thread. 

How about definable page turning points per song (for the manual scrolling modes of course) similar to link points?

I'm thinking of a behaviour where a page turn doesn't scroll to the top of the next page but to the page turn point
so the part marked by the point gets to the top of the screen (regardless if the turn point is on the same page or on the
next page). The turn points should be optionally visible or invisible in case one wants to see where they are while playing.

(For a while I also considered suggesting a "touch-scroll-mode" where the area you tap scrolls to the top regardless of
pages, cuts, crops and so on. Such a manual page turning could be a bit better fine-tuned to the best occasions and places
to turn/scroll the pages. But that is probably complex to implement. Also not really needed if the page turning
points make it into MSP.)

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