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Database Lost
Hi Mike

I updated to 2.5.1 yesterday (or Monday).
Used it this morning for about 3 hours.

Just "pressed" on the icon to open MSP and received a "Database Backup Found" screen asking me whether I want to load the backup.
(I've just left it for now!)

I have auto update disabled on MSP so it shouldn't have updated to 2.5.2

The database is on the tablet i.e. no SD card

Any advice ? (I've no idea how recent the database backup that it found is)

Samsung Galaxy Tab A6

That means either the primary database file was corrupted or missing. The first database backup is created everytime you close the application, so it should be very recent. If that one wasn't usable, then it would have used the other one which can be up to 7 days old. That's definitely concerning that something happened to the database file though...

Thanks for the quick reply Mike

Should I accept the recovery backup, or reboot the tablet, or connect my Win 10 pc via USB to investigate the file system ? (and where should I be looking?)

The tablet is only used for MSP and/or WhatsApp i.e. I'm surprised it happened.


PS:  If I say no the the recovery, will that allow me to close MSP and restart it (after rebooting)?
Samsung Galaxy Tab A6
Connected to the tablet using a USB cable

Windows explorer only sees
mobilesheets_internal_backup.db  20/02/2019 20:13  1.77 MB
mobilesheets.db.backup  20/02/2019 15:31  1.77 MB
mobilesheets.db-journal 20/02/2019 15:31    0 bytes

Edit: Looks like the pdfs etc are still available in the same folder as the above

I'm not using the sync mechanisms (apart from Companion)

Samsung Galaxy Tab A6

Make a copy of mobilesheets.db.backup on your PC for safekeeping. The backup was created today, so you shouldn't really lose anything. I would suggest restoring the database backup. If you say no to restoring the backup, it will just create an empty library, which you don't want.

As you suggested, I have restored the database.

The last thing I did before I closed it this afternoon was to edit a set list. This involved deleting one entry and swapping the order of two others (one was at the end).

These setlist changes were not present in the recovered database.

Still a bit worrying that the database disappeared when I don't think I was doing anything unusual.

Many thanks for your help.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A6

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