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Workaround for machines that experience long delays
This is only a problem with the Windows version. There are no problems on the Android side like this that I'm aware of and the code bases are completely different between the two. There are no problems being reported on Android with the app slowing down over time. If you are experiencing crashes with zooming, that is a different problem that would need to be investigated. Please write up a separate post for that with all of the details for how to reproduce the problem and I will see if I can reproduce it on my own Samsung Note Pro 12.2.

Ok. Sorry for the confusion.
Samsung Note Pro 12.2 LineageOS 14.1
Huawei Media Pad M3 lite
HI Mike

Thanks for the speedy reply.

I dont seem to have a reason to edit the library without the Genos connected. I have the BT01 blue tooth midi device connected to my Genos and 

Use the midi tab to connect the pdf to a Genos registration using the system exclusive commands, this becomes unusable after 10-20 edits so I restart MSP and do another 20, I am ok with this I just wondered if there was a way of speeding it up.

It only seems to be when editing like you say, normal usage of finding, loading PDF's  or registrations works GREAT.

 It is very impressive for other people to see PDF load up when a registration is loaded and equally impressive when a registration is loaded from a PDF

Thanks for all the support to a fantastic program

I'll continue to investigate the issue, but one possible solution that I may have to resort to, is not using a separate screen for the song editor and instead making it something that is initialized and shown on the main screen. In theory that would fix the issue if it's related to Microsoft's framework.

(03-12-2020, 01:22 AM)Zubersoft Wrote: I'll continue to investigate the issue, but one possible solution that I may have to resort to, is not using a separate screen for the song editor and instead making it something that is initialized and shown on the main screen. In theory that would fix the issue if it's related to Microsoft's framework.


Thanks for continuing to look into this, Mike. Still seeing this problem. The longer I am in MSP moving between songs the worse the freeze/stall happens. When I get out of MSP, then get back in, delays are gone (for a short while at least). That's the only consistent behavior I can point to.
Let me know if there is any way I can help you debug this....
Surface 4, 4GB
An update has been submitted to Microsoft as of yesterday morning to address the issue with the song editor causing the application to slow down over time. I switched my song editor implementation to no longer use a separate "page" (the UWP terminology for a completely separate screen in the application), which should help prevent whatever kinds of memory leaks are occurring due to Microsoft's framework. Another user has tested this and told me he no longer experiences the slowdown after repeated edits. This may or may not be the same thing you are facing Rod. This is what most users contact me about, but most users that just load songs and page between them have not reported freezing or stalling. I'm also still working on the conversion to Win2D for the annotations rework, so it remains to be seen whether that helps improve performance, as it will certainly lower memory usage.

I'll be updating the FastSpring version tomorrow morning with the same update.

Just a confirmations. I'm also experiencing massive slowdowns on my Surface Pro when I'm attaching audio files to songs. First 10 to 12 are o.k. but when I switch to the next album it gets slower and slower. After restart of MSP it's back to normal. Same memory leak I guess.
Yes, that's the same issue others are experiencing. This next update should take care of that. The update still hasn't been approved yet. I'm guessing Microsoft's approval process has been slowed down quite a bit by COVID-19. 



Version 2.9.4 is now available through the Microsoft Store for download. Please update and let me know if it fixes the issues you are seeing.
I've been using 2.9.4 over the past week (5-6 hrs of use). So far I am not seeing any of the freezing with this release! Smile
I'll report back as I use it more.
Thanks Mike!
Surface 4, 4GB
That's great news! Keep me posted after you've used it some more.

I"ve used 2.9.4 and later Microsoft versions for about 40hrs now. Over that time I have seen some delays, probably 15 minutes of the total time.
So it appears the delays are 'mostly gone', but I still occasionally see them. Much happier now :-)
I'll report back if I see things change.
Thanks again for your great support, Mike.
Surface 4, 4GB
I'm glad to hear the delays are mostly gone. Thanks for reporting on this and for your patience while I looked for a solution. 

ich hab mir extra einen neuen Laptop vor 2 Tagen zugelegt für MobileSheets für Windows 10.
Leider musste ich feststellen das, daß Programm nicht meine Erwartungen erfüllt. Nach dem
importieren  einiger Titel  reagiert das Programm nicht mehr. Sehr schade, da werde ich 
wohl wieder auf mein altes Songbook zurück kehren müssen. Zum Anfang hat MS einen sehr 
guten Eindruck gemacht, aber auf die Bühne werde ich mich unter diesen Umständen nicht wagen.
Vielleicht kommt ja ein Update das besser läuft.
Musste ich mal los werden 
LG Flatty
I'm sorry to hear you experienced those issues Flatty. What kind of laptop did you purchase? If you go to "About your PC" in Windows 10, which version of Windows 10 do you currently have installed? I'm hoping the changes that are coming with the next major update will address many of the issues you are seeing.

Using version 2.9.6
I have been doing a lot of editing the last couple of days as I am transferring a lot of scores and parts to MSP.
I have noticed a small slow down of MSP over time when annotating long pieces, but nothing once editing has ended.

Welche Art PC hast du dir zugelegt Flatty ?  Ich habe die aller billigste Win10 Tablet aus China gekauft und es lauft super.
Selbst bei aller langsamsten Batteryschon-Modus lauft alles schnell genug für eine Aufführung.
Ich frage mich was passieren kann dass es auf einige Rechner gut lauft and auf anderen nicht.
Hast du versucht wifi auszuschalten? 
Ich habe noch keinen Problem gesehen mit MSP, weiss aber dass andere Programme manchmal empfindlich auf unerwartete Datenübertragung reagieren.
Il ne faut pas rouler vite... il faut freiner tard

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