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Book Mode
I am having a problem with the book mode (probably my fault as MSP is Brilliant)

Using 2 tablets the master scrolls as if it is 1 tablet with the slave tablet displaying a screen further down the song. The slave only changes when the master scrolls to near the slaves screen. Both tablets are in landscape. Any ideas to what I am doing wrong
If you go to Settings->About, are you running version 2.5.9? Book mode should be showing a full page by default with no option for scrolling. How is it that you are scrolling? Are you sure you enabled the book mode option when creating new master? If you forgot to check that option, then it will just connect the two devices as master and slave, and page turns will be synchronized, but the slave device will not be kept one page ahead of the master. 

Thank you for your reply. I am running both tablets with the latest version 2. 5.9 but unfortunately still have the same problem. One thought when talking about 'page' is that the file page and not the screen display page.  It would seem that this could be my problem as I use the tablet in portrait mode when playing guitar in a band (so the file pages are A4 size to fit on the screen but use landscape for use on  the keyboard.
Second thought are there anything  that I need to change in the display setting area?
Still think this is the best program on the tablet and will continue t promote it to my students, band members and keyboard club, it's made my life so much easier thank Mike
Do you think you could either take a few screenshots or a short video clip of the problem? I'm having problems understanding exactly what you are seeing. It would help a great deal.

Hi Mike
I have tried again. What I get is one file page on one tablet and the next file page on the second tablet, however my file pages are bigger than a landscape screen (they nearly fit on a portrait but then are too small for me to read) and so they scroll on tablet 1. When is reaches the end of the page both screens move on. I was hopping for a continuous movement from tablet 1 to 2 to 1 etc. I guess the only way would be to copy all the files to make the screen sizes smaller to only fit a landscape screen. Not a good prospect as I have a huge number of files ( >10,000). I guess I'll stick to just one tablet scrolling.
Thank you for your support and great program
The only way the file would be larger than the screen in landscape orientation is if you changed the page scaling mode to be something like "Fit Width". If it is set to "Fit Screen" then it wouldn't extend past the bottom of the screen.  Book mode isn't currently designed to scroll like what you are describing, where it scrolls one page and then the other. In the future I could look into trying to support something like that, but it would be very complex to handle every case correctly. 

Hi Mike
Thank you for your reply as you say book mode works fine if the scaling is set to 'fit screen'.  Unfortunately this does mean that the size of the text is too small to See(old Eyes!).The reason I used landscape in the first place. The answer would be to reduce the A4 files to a much smaller size then, not a task that I would want to do with so many files built up over the years.  Thank you for looking into this Mike I'll just have to use one tablet or try to source a large Android tablet. I certainly won't be using anything else but MSP as it is in use every day

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