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Syncing/Uploading a huge libary
As this is my first post here, I should start with expressing my gratitude for an absolutely amazing program. I have - largely because of MobileSheets - recently shifted from having piles of scores, misplacing one sheet here or there, bringing the wrong scores and so forth, to just bringing my tablet. It is a life changer! 

Then - please excuse me if this has been answered somewhere else. I have tried to search here and there, but not completely found the answer - if there is any.

I have a library of something around 3500 scores. The library is around 3GB big.

The option to sync this through online storage is fantastic, but for me, it does not work. I have tried with both OneDrive and Google Drive, but the initial upload stops before it is complete. A couple of times it seems to have happened because of special symbols (#) in the file name, other times I simply cannot see the reason. It might stop at 46%, it might stop at 80%  (but rarely below 40%).

Is the library simply too big, or might there be something in the single files that prevent the sync to happen?
That's definitely a very big library, but you should be able to upload that to both Google Drive and OneDrive, so I'm not sure why you are encountering those errors. It may be that the code or library (or both) that I'm using to connect to those services is just not robust enough to handle errors in the connection. I would like you to try something for me:

1) Create the library backup file on the device itself.
2) Try to upload that file through either the OneDrive application or the Google Drive application
3) See if you run into any issues uploading the file

I'm assuming you've already verified that you have at least 3 GB of free space in your cloud accounts. If you do think there is an issue with special symbols in file names, please let me know what names to test with so I can try reproducing those problems.


1) I created the backup file in a local folder on the tablet
2) Uploaded to Onedrive through the Onedrive app. Upload was successful

Then I:
Created a new backup directly to OneDrive from MobileSheets. On first attempt it stopped at 20%, at second attempt the upload was successful. Second time I kept the screen continuosly awake, but I do not know if that was the thing that made the difference.

I then:
try to sync to the OneDrive folder. I have tried several times before, so about half of the scores are online. I still get a message saying "Unable to find library in the selected folder. Would you like to upload your device's library for future merges"

What does that exactly mean? Does it mean it doesn't "see" anything, or does it mean that the library is recognized only if it is completely uploaded?

... I of course say YES. No matter what options I choose, MS starts from scratch, uploading files that already exist in the online folder.... [TO be continued....]
I am so sorry for the confusion - uploading a backup file is very different from using the library synchronization features. In my haste I didn't realize you were using the Sync Library->Sync to a cloud folder option. The sync must finish for that to work as the very last step is to upload the database file that is the basis for determining the differences between the library stored on the cloud and the library on the folder. You said you are unable to get this to finish though, correct? I think I've only ever attempted synchronizing a ~1GB library. I will test out a 3 GB library today with Google Drive to see how it works for me.

"The sync must finish for that to work ......"
Aha... That explains that, and that is logical!

"You said you are unable to get this to finish though, correct?"
Yep, I must have tried about 20 times, and it never finishes. Tonight it stopped at 72%

"I will test out a 3 GB library today...."
Do you want a copy of my library?

I know that a 3 gb is huge Smile  I am a classical singer and also teach music, so I go through a lot of repertory and need to have a lot readily available. I could probably manage with 30% of that library, but I am also a hoarder, so..... Big Grin
If you want to share your library with me, that would be great for testing. Just send a link to mike@zubersoft.com.

Mail sent with link! Smile

I'm also having problems syncing a library of similar size to a cloud folder. MSP seems to crash (window closes) after some time syncing. Part of the problem is my upload speed is very slow, about 0.7 Mbps (bits, not bytes). I start the sync and it seems to work for a while, but after some hours of running, it's only at 25% or so. Then MSP window will close and if I reopen it and start the sync again, it starts from the beginning each time. I understand why after reading this thread, but with my slow connection it's very frustrating.

I started monitoring the network traffic on my router to see if anything strange was apparent. The strange thing I noticed is that the traffic showed MSP was still uploading after it apparently closed. I couldn't find a process for it in task manager, but I'm new to ChromeOS. There was no change in the rate of data when opening, closing MSP or starting and stopping the sync. I rebooted the Chromebook to stop the data flow. The data flow during the sync is pretty much steady at my max upload rate with a few times it briefly drops off when the log is outputting info.

I did find one song with a crazy long title (several pages long) caused by unmatched quotes in a CSV file song name. It looked like the import just made the rest of the CSV file into the song name. I removed that and I'm trying to sync again. It may be several hours before I know if it succeeds.

I looked at syncing to a local file, but it seems different than the cloud in that the cloud sync just wants a folder to sync to, but local file wants an actual file name. Would this be a .msb file created by a previous backup?  Does the sync then update this file?

Update: The sync completed after about 2hrs. Previously I had several failures, so I think the song with the crazy long name might have been the issue.
Thanks for posting the update. That might have caused a failure when trying to create a folder (or the cloud provider may have a limit on the max file name length).


I did successfully upload your library to Google Drive. I just had to check the option to keep the screen on and it finished without issue. I think if you let the screen turn off, the OS will eventually put the tablet to sleep and will disrupt the network connection.

Sorry it took me some time to get back to this!

I have been able to upload to Google Drive (thanks for letting me know!). The upload would sometimes stop, but pressing the start button would make it resume from where it was. The stops could be because of 2 things:
- Small hickups in the wifi-connection
- Ticking "Keep screen on" actually DOESN'T keep my screen on (Samsung Tab 10.1)
Eventually, I got through the whole library.

When I try to do the same to OneDrive, the problem remains. The upload will sometimes stop, but if I press START, it will go back and start from zero. Eventually, the whole process will freeze, and I need to use the "back"-button on the tab to go back to MobileSheets main window.

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