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MobileSheets and MobileSheetsPro v2.7.2 Released
MobileSheets and MobileSheetsPro v2.7.2 have been released. These updates contain mainly bug fixes with a few minor enhancements requested by users. The list of changes can be found below:

Common Changes
  • Added option to automatically save when hitting the back button in the group editor. This is enabled by default.
  • Fixed scrolling issues when using the vertical scrolling display mode
  • Fixed the "Connect Tablets" option to keep devices on the same page so that it correctly handles different length songs on each device
  • Changed MIDI clock message so that it supports both off and on
  • Added new option to the metadata format dialog to handle populating fields based on the beginning of the folder paths versus the end
  • Added option to automatically reset page orders when files are changed or replaced outside MobileSheetsPro
  • The Sync Library feature now correctly handles files being reordered in a song
  • Fixed bug where the capo display could overlap with the song overlay
  • Fixed issue where replacing a file with a new chord pro file did not replace the existing tempo values
  • Added "Fit Width" option to the annotations editor to utilize the full screen width. Only available when in landscape orientation and using the two page display mode.
MobileSheetsPro v2.7.2 (Android)
  • Fixed issue that caused considerable slowdown on devices running older Android OS versions
  • Fixed issue with setlist song notes not being correctly read out of .msf files
MobileSheets v2.7.2 (Windows 10)
  • File uploads to OneDrive will now try multiple times before failing
  • Added progress dialog when deleting a large number of songs
  • Fixed bug in setlist editor where songs could be reordered when using sorting modes that don't support reordering
  • Fixed issue with swipes being incorrectly detected with the vertical scrolling display mode causing unintended page turns
MobileSheetsPro Companion v2.8.6
  • Fixed bug with exporting files from songs that use the same files as other songs
  • Added new option to the metadata format dialog to handle populating fields based on the beginning of the folder paths versus the end
  • Changed MIDI clock message so that it supports both off and on

Release notes were not posted for a few earlier versions that were released. These can be found below:

Common Changes v2.6.9
  • Modified setlist editor to have cancel and save buttons instead of applying changes immediately.
  • Fixed bug where song metadata could be incorrectly detected as different during a library synchronization
  • Fixed bug with triggering multiple MIDI actions in rapid succession where only the first would trigger
  • Fixed smart button text display issue on some devices
  • Fixed bug where manual is viewed using MobileSheetsPro as the target application instead of a web browser
  • Fixed inaccurate timing when using the MIDI clock messages to synchronize the tempo of an external device
  • Added option to control whether font is scaled or the page is zoomed when performing a pinch gesture
  • Fixed bug with exporting files with cropping that could cause the created document to be invalid
  • Fixed bug with .msf files that could cause setlist song notes to be associated with the wrong songs during import
  • The "Connect Tablets" dialog will now show if the tablet is actively trying to reconnect
  • Snippets now default to the same name as the source song
  • Fixed bug with settings being incorrectly hidden when importing text and chord pro files
  • The popup notes dialog is now hidden if a pedal is pressed
  • Fixed bug when using the "Swap file" feature to replace a song's file with a new file with the same name
  • Fixed bug with pages not correctly scrolling at the bottom when using automatic scrolling with the vertical scrolling display mode
  • Fixed bug when synchronizing libraries between Android and Windows 10 containing smart buttons that open and load audio tracks.
  • Fixed bug with the library sync feature incorrectly displaying differences between text/chord pro settings that identical
  • Added code to preserve battery life when using the "Connect Tablets" feature but no active connections are present when the device goes to sleep
  • Fixed bug where text display settings entries would be left in the database if a text/chord pro file was replaced with a different type of file such as a PDF
  • Added code to prevent action bar items from being triggered multiple times in succession
  • Fixed bug with the metronome when turning pages after a certain number of beats while using a non-default beat subdivision
  • Fixed issue with scroll position being incorrectly reset when using the vertical scrolling display mode and highlights are drawn behind annotations
  • Fixed bug that could cause the capo, audio playback time or clock to overlap with the song overlay
  • Fixed bug with chord pro files that would cause subtitles and chorus lines to be duplicated
  • The recent list is no longer limited to 1000 entries
MobileSheetsPro v2.6.9 (Android)
  • Fixed bug with printing that could cause the pages to be blank when printing a PDF
MobileSheets v2.6.9 (Windows 10)
  • Fixed bug that made it impossible to set the second half page turn position
  • Fixed bug where swiping would not work on certain devices
  • Added new reorder icon to reorder audio tracks when the list grows long enough to scroll
  • MobileSheets will now use multiple approaches to try and detect audio file duration in case one fails
  • Fixed bug that could cause MobileSheets to fail to connect to MIDI devices under certain conditions
  • Fixed bug with songs not correctly repeating in certain scenarios when repeat mode was enabled
  • Fixed bug that could cause MobileSheets to incorrectly flag a value as a duplicate when entering values for song fields
  • Hitting enter on the import settings dialog when no field has focus will now trigger the OK button
  • Fixed bug with multi-selection on certain filter and search dialogs
  • Fixed bug where editing a smart button set to load and play an audio track would reset the start position
  • It is now possible to use escape in the settings screen to return to the previous section
Common Changes v2.6.8
  • Fixed bug with transposing when the display localization is set to German
  • Fixed bug where the test MIDI button was displayed while setting up MIDI actions
  • Fixed bug with the clock display that caused it to overlap the overlay when using the vertical scrolling display mode
  • Fixed bug when adding songs using the overlay setlist window that incorrectly adds the song's audio track to the current track list
MobileSheets v2.6.8 (Windows 10)
  • Fixed bug with test MIDI button not working
  • Added Portguese as a supported language
  • Fixed issue where pressing on a smart button and then scrolling a little would result in the button not triggering correctly and could break automatic scrolling
  • Fixed a few MIDI connection issues and extended the connection timeout period to 10 seconds
Is there a reason my v2.6.9 (Windows 10) will not upgrade to v2.7.2?

Usually, just launching the app updates the software but I've done that many times to no avail however, the Companion updated itself when v2.8.6 was released.

Any insight would be appreciated.
If you open the Microsoft Store application and search for MobileSheets, do you see an option to update? Windows 10 is supposed to decide when to update the application if you are waiting for it to be done automatically. It would be done as part of Windows Update. If you purchased off my Fastspring store, then you should be seeing a notification to update. If you are not, that would definitely be an issue and I can look into it.

I got it to update via the Microsoft Store where I initially purchased it but that was the first time I ever had to do that with an update.

My Windows 10 updates are up to date so I can't explain it not updating automatically this time.

In any case, THANKS!

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