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Feature request: improve stamps interface
In the Android app the stamps provide a useful feature for correcting small things and adding dynamic stuff (crescendo/decrescendo/...) for example. However the interface for doing so can be improved in my opinion.

As the list of options is limited, why not adding it as a new menubar just beneath the top menu bar (in edit mode, when the stamps option is selected) instead of the current floating one. Then selecting the desired option is at least one 'click' faster for most of the stamps. Those which don't fit on the screen immediately can be selected by horizontally scrolling the list of stamps for example.

Furthermore the actual stamps which can be placed on a part differ quite a lot in resolution. The crescendo is fine, but the segno/coda/flat/sharp/trill/... are of poor resolution and pixellated. Could these be added in vector graphics so they can be enlarged without loosing sharpness?
I'm redesigning the stamps as part of the overall annotations redesign. I'm already planning on switching to using fonts for stamps as part of that instead of bitmaps, so that is vector-based. I'm planning also on letting users provide their own bitmaps or vector graphics for custom stamps. For crescendo/decrescendo and other stamp types that require a dynamic size, I'm going to create a new mode for that. If you look for posts about the changes planned for the annotations redesign, you will see mention of these and other big changes.


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