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Upper Taskbar
for the sake of not having a better name for it. I'm talking of the Win10 version of MSP. It might apply to Android as well but I don't recall since I haven't used the Android version for a while due to my defect tablet.

For me the usage of this taskbar (to get to the back arrow, shut down button and so on) was quite unclear at first. Maybe it's only me. But the bar appeared when I tapped on the upper area. But I didn't get it to disappear   again the same way or in another way I could think of. It took a while and a bit of chance that I realized I have to do a little swipe from up to down to make it hide again. This isn't very intuitive IMHO but I got used to it.

On the other hand the bar appears often and gets in my way when I want to use the other buttons (for editing etc.) and I tap a little bit too high for that.

May I suggest that the upper taskbar only reacts to the swiping down (either appearing or hiding again) so one can tap in the area for the other buttons without always to watch out not to invoke the upper taskbar?

Small thing but I think an improvement in usability and consistency if the same gesture make the bar appear and hide.
That's not something I have any control over I'm afraid. That is the standard Windows 10 behavior for a UWP application. It ensures that the application can't lock you in something fullscreen without giving you any control over its size. The only way I could solve this is by rewriting the entire application in another framework (which would take many months of work). Just to clarify - I have absolutely no control over the title bar, including the gestures to show/hide it, as it's a standard Microsoft thing with their UWP framework. If you don't like the title bar coming down accidentally, you could leave the application in windowed mode (F11 or disable fullscreen mode in the settings), and then it would never accidentally trigger. You would lose a little bit of screen space, but that may be worth it if it's really becoming a problem for you.

Thanks for the explanation. Yeah, than I will have to live with it. Should have known it's not of your design.

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