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Connect slave - setlist sort order question
If I connect a slave, to open the correct song in a setlist the setlist must always be sorted A-Z ascending.  If I choose any other sort type or order, the songs do not open in sync when opened from the master.  This happens even if I set exactly the same sort order/type on master and slave.  In other words, I can only get master/slave to open the same song if both use A-Z/ascening, and only that.  Is this by design, or am I doing something wrong?  Thanks.

It sounds like a bug to me. I was aware of the bug with descending order not working - I didn't realize the other sort modes also don't work correctly.


Can you please provide the settings you used on the "New Master" dialog? I especially need to know if "Create temporary copies of setlist on slave devices" was enabled. If so, that explains why you saw this problem and I have a fix in place for it. If that option was unchecked for you, then I'm going to need to know which settings you selected, including whether the manual ascending sort order worked, because that should have worked regardless of other settings. With that setting unchecked, if I set up the sort order the same way on both devices, all of the songs stay in sync properly.


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