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Switch to complete PDF
Another one from me. It's not a really essential one, but maybe you like it, Mike, (or other users).

I'd like to suggest to switch from a song which is "extracted" from a collection (I'm talking PDF collection, not the MSP collection) with the pages feature to switch to the full PDF,
so you can browse the other pages of it as well (so the pages field isn't, say like 25-30 for the specific song anymore, but temporary from 1-400 for the whole collection, if you know what I mean) and switch back to the single song view of course.

Occasionally I had a situation, where I wanted to browse other pages in the PDF collection which weren't indexed in MSP or I would have go out of the viewing of the song and search and load it from the index. It would be a neat feature to go to the collection and back again with a click (or a menu entry).
I've had situations where that would be helpful too. So far I've just been editing the song on the files tab to include all the pages and that works fine but an option to see all the pages with one click might be better.
I've gotten around this by bringing in the whole pdf and titling it as the book. I then make copies of it in MobileSheets and reduce the range to the particular song I want. That means I always have an entry with the whole book available for me to view (and maybe extract another song from).

Related to this: I would like for the file editor to show the total number of pages in the PDF so that I can see if the pdf is only one song or if it is an excerpt from a larger pdf file.
I use CSV files to import the songs I need from complete fakebooks. I usually add an additional line for the complete book. As soon as I import the first song from a book I also import the entry for the complete book. That's fine for my needs.
An additional nice feature: in case the PDF contains PDF bookmarks they can be used to jump to a specific song, see screenshot.

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I'll have to think about how to implement that kind of a feature. I would basically have to generate a new temporary song that uses the full page range, but I'd have to make it very clear that you can't edit that temporary song or perform any actions on it like placing bookmarks, link points, etc. Modifying the page range temporarily and setting it back after is not a simple thing to do because of how some of the features are tied to pages. If you have different annotations on each instance of a page, for example, I can't collapse them into a single page instance without causing chaos. The same is true for link points, bookmarks, etc. 

I can certainly update the song editor to show the total number of pages in the PDF. Right now you have to tap on the page order field in order to see that.

I think we should find out more in detail what this will be used for, to optimize what it should be able to do. If I think about moments where I want to see more of a specific piece/PDF, it's usually just for looking something up. If I want to edit it in detail, I'll make another song out of it.

To me it seems that a simple and clear workaround might be to have a single-tap link to show the currently displayed file in a file manager (on windows: Explorer), maybe a custom action. From there it would only be a double click to view it in another PDF-app, but I remember to have had this idea in another context, too: You could store different connected files just besides your PDF and have them at hand, too, which don't necessarily have to be handled by MSP (e.g. editable files of your scoring application). I'm not sure if this works on Android, though - you can probably see that this a kind of desktop-like perspective because I'm using MSP on Windows on a Surface pro...

BTW you could solve this manually by adding smart buttons to your corresponding PDF-Files (which will just open it in your standard PDF-viewer). But afaik you need to do this by hand for every song/page where you want to have this, so maybe this is not a useful option in many cases... maybe one time we get some automated way to create standard smart buttons like these? Might also be useful for people like me who always need more actions than the 9 zones allow...  Angel
Nice that so many users chime in.

Quote: If I think about moments where I want to see more of a specific piece/PDF, it's usually just for looking something up. If I want to edit it in detail, I'll make another song out of it.

That's exactly it. No editing required. Even the loss of annotations, page order etc. of the original song is absolutely okay (if you can return easily to the song from viewing the whole pdf). I was hoping that there's no creation of a new (temporary) song is required and just thought that with a click there would be just the whole PDF availabe to navigate in.

I know and use the mentioned workarounds myself (changing the page range, make a "song" of the complete pdf and put a smartbutton where I want it, etc.). But the suggestion clearly is a convenience feature so you don't have to use workarounds for occasions like

- you play from a fakebook with your musician friends, them using an analogue one and you want to "turn pages with them" and the songs aren't necessarily in alphabetic order
- you play from a bigband "package" where all instruments and the score is in it, you use the page range to show your own instrument, but want to have a quick glimpse into the score or another instrument
- you play from a song collection but want to have a quick look into the index if a song is in it or something in the foreword or whatever, but this isn't scanned and in the library of MSP

and so on.

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