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Clear Library

last night on the PC I used the "Delete library" option in "Settings > Other Settings" to restart over the library (after some tests to understand the program), but after re-inserting some songs, synchronizing the tablet I received many errors on the file name because duplicates.

Today I used "Delete Library" on PC again to try to understand the problem I noticed that in the location where the library and the folders are saved (with the files divided by folders)  after the reset there are still some directories with the files inside, while MobileSheets Pro is empty  (correctly).

W10 updated, MSP 2.9.6

Setting "Create Subdirectories for Songs" is ON

I searched into this forum without success, sorry if it is a known problem

Thanks for the support

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For testing I reloaded 244 songs from previus backup, 
these songs appeared correctly divided into subdirectories inside the database folder,

at this point I reset the database and everything worked fine, the directories are gone.

It is possible that this problem arose as a result of errors received due to the duplication of the songs name.


I took another final test to give you as much information as possible.

I cleaned up the database, checked that the database directory was clean, I synchronized both the PC and the Tablet with the last synchronization point that yesterday gave me problems on OneDrive, I let the synchronization procedure do by itself with respect to the most recent file (Use data from the song that was modified last), both PC and Tablet aligned. At this point I used "Delete library" option in "Settings> Other Settings", I checked the database directory and everything is ok.

Yesterday I did some tests setting the synchronization procedure with the "prompt user for decision" function, and I probably messed up something, even in the Tablet after the reset there was a song directory that shouldn't have been there.

It's probably my fault, however, with a Reset Database, the App should clean everything, including mistakes, don't you think?

I'm sorry I was unable to reproduce the problem..

In attachment, the correct file list after last resync

Thank you

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Hello Efix,

Clearing the library will only delete the files linked to the active library. This allows you to have multiple libraries set up in the app, but only clear the files for the active one. It's not really safe to just wipe out every file and folder when performing the library clear, because the user may have stored their own files in the application folder (especially if a custom storage location was selected). Additionally, I preserve all of the application settings when clearing the library. If I deleted every file under the application directory, that would wipe out the settings files as well. I'd rather be too conservative with clearing the files, potentially leaving a few extra ones, than to wipe out files the user may have wanted to keep.


ok, everything you said have a sense, as always, the important thing is to know ;-)
The next time I find myself with a file duplication error I investigate the library directory.

Thanks Mike

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