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Batch Import Improvements: Performance + Tag Preview

I have been using the android app for the better part of two years now after I stopped developing my own sheet reader app.
The deciding factor in purchasing the app was definitely the batch import feature with its auto-tagging support. After I restructured my Google Drive folder, I could import everything perfectly with one click on each of multiple tablets, which was a MASSIVE relief.

However, when I add new pieces to the drive folder, I have to either:
  • re-import the whole folder with the same auto-tagging settings, which takes a while, but works thanks to the duplicate elimination of the batch import
  • or import only the folder(s) which contain(s) the new piece(s), while changing the auto-tagging settings. This becomes especially tedious when I added multiple pieces to the folder.
What I would like to see is an accelerated version of the first method. If I understand it correctly, the duplicate elimination only comes into effect AFTER the PDF is downloaded and processed. A possible improvement could be to "simply" match filenames or paths against already imported ones (probably optional).
I assume this feature isn't specific to batch imports from the cloud, but from a local folder as well.

The other improvement to the "batch import" screen would be a preview of the tags for the selected folder. I often get confused whether the auto-tagging sequence includes the selected folder level or not.
Example: My folder structure is Main Folder -> Composer -> Piece -> Ensemble -> [PDF files]
When I want to import only a new composer, I select the composer folder, but am not 100% sure whether my tagging pattern is %COMPOSER% / %PIECE% / %GROUP% or just %PIECE% / %GROUP%.
When I'm wrong, I have to manually re-tag  the stuff I imported, or delete it manually and re-import.

It would help my brain a lot if there was some sort of preview available, which showed the would-be-tags of a single to-be-imported Piece/File.

I like to think that my workflow of using a cloud/local folder, which is updated somewhat frequently, is common among users of this app, and that the tag preview would be a small improvement that can save a lot of frustration.

In any case, keep doing what you're doing, I really love both the app (best I've used, and I tried MANY), as well as the communication with the users on this forum!
Hello Julian,

The main reason files are downloaded and not ignored just based on their name and the output path is because the file may be a different version from the one already in MobileSheetsPro. Many users upload new versions of files and then batch import the same directory to pull in the new versions of files (hence the checkbox that updates existing files when matches are found). If I don't download the data for the file to perform a hash on it to determine whether or not it matches the existing file on the device, I wouldn't be able to support that workflow of updating existing songs. If you would still like me to add an option that does not perform the hash on each file to determine if it's different, and ignore files based solely on name and output path, I can certainly do that, but it basically limits the functionality to only importing new files to create new songs.

As for your second request, I can't really provide a preview of every folder that might be encountered, becuase it's recursive in nature. I could provide a preview of just the top level, but most users import a root folder, and the metadata is populated by subdirectories. If you want the preview to show the metadata that will be used for every subdirectory (by having a scrollable text box in a dialog), I could look into supporting that. It would just take quite awhile to scroll through, and if there are a lot of folders with long paths, it could be very tedious to review in that format.

Sorry it took me a bit to respond to this - I've just been trying to finish the new annotations design and work with the beta testers.


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