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Annotations offset/shift
Hi Mike and others,

With the recent annotations overhaul, I decided to give it a shot: transcribing an Oscar Peterson piece/solo with my samsung tab s3 instead of a piece of paper.

Mostly, all worked fine. But some time after my writings and stamps, all edits seemed to be moving slightly (mostly vertically (down), sometimes horizo tally (to the left).

Especially when I used 'note stamps' above/below the empty sheet bars, I had difficulty drawing addiontal sub/sup lines above or underneath those notes because they consistently seemed to move slightly after drawing them. A nights rest, or full restart of MSP solved most of this.

Anyone else running into this issue? Or Mike how can I help you in reproducing/seeing this issue?
Can you please verify that you are running version 3.0.8? I also just released version 3.0.9, so it would be worth seeing if you still run into the issue with the latest changes. If you do, the most helpful thing will be knowing what steps are necessary to reproduce the issue. If I just need to annotate a large number of songs in succession, I can certainly do that, but if you can carefully track the actions you are taking leading up to the issue, and let me know if there is any sort of pattern, that would help greatly. You could also record video with your phone while using the app, and if you encounter the app, you could just share the video leading up to the problem. That might be an even better option.

Yes, please share a video how you are doing this.
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Hi Mike,

Thanks for the reply. I'm not sure what version I'm currently running. I'll check tomorrow and start a fresh empty sheet to see if, and how long it takes before, stuff starts drifting off.

I've finished transcribing this particular piece and haven't annotated much these past few days. But whenever I started 'fresh' all seemed fine, and then after 20-30 minutes or so things started getting weird.

I'll try to recreate the issue, record it once it's occurring and attach the .msf file (in case it's of some use)
Made a video this time, Mike. Problem is rather persistent I believe, but sometimes the offset seems to be larger than other times. 
I ran into the issue today with the default pen and smoothing set to minor. For the video I turned off smoothing and used pen width 1. 

This is on MSP 3.0.9 and a Samsung tab s3.

Thanks for the video. This one doesn't seem like it will be easy to reproduce. Do I just need to annotate for 20-30 minutes and wait for the problem to occur? Or are there some other actions I need to take? Does it happen in every song you've tested with so far? If you bring up the grid settings in the annotation editor, can you verify that snap to grid is disabled? It shouldn't really impact freeform annotations anyways, I just want to remove that as a possibility. What display mode (single page, two page, vertical scrolling, half page) and page scaling mode (fit screen, fit width, fit height, fullscreen) are you currently using? If you can think of any other information that will help with investigating this, please let me know.

Hi Mike,

Thanks for giving attention to this (minor but still) nuisance. 
Yesterday I opened some random files to see if the problem was persistent, and I started wondering if the PDF page size/dimensions might be somehow related to the issue.
All the sheets/tabs/chords I make myself are sized ISO A4 so that musicians I'm playing with can easily print them on a piece of paper.
I haven't tested enough yet to fully confirm this hypothesis but perhaps you could try and recreate it. 

These are my settings and the steps I took just a few minutes ago:

Global settings
- Display settings
-- Allow Zoom out past 100%: Disabled
-- Page Alignment: Top
-- Render Preference: Speed
-- Fullscreen mode: enabled

Zoom/pan settings:
- Zoom settings: All pages in current file
- Allow zoom out smaller than 100%: disabled
- Enable HQ zoom: disabled
- Reset pan and zoom on load: disabled
- Pan settings: All pages in all files (current song)

Display mode:
- Tablet orientation: Portrait
- Default display mode: Single page
- Display half page in landscape: enabled
- Half-page turns in landscape: disabled
- Allow zoom out past 100%: disabled
- Repeat mode: disabled
- Page color tone: none
- Page Alignment: top

Page scaling mode:
- Orientation: Portrait
- Scale mode: Fit Screen
- Use default page scaling for song: enabled

Grid settings
- Show grid: disabled
- Snap to grid: disabled

Top right settings
- Stylus mode: Enabled
- Enable touch input in stylus mode: enabled
- Allow editing embedded pdf annotations: disabled
- Draw highlights behind content: disabled
- Combine freeform annotations: enabled
- Everything down from the last: disabled

So here's a brief summary of the steps I took:
Imported "AnnotationsTest.pdf" (Bach BMV 773) (a PDF sized ISO A4 according to Mutopia) (attached to this post)
Opened AnnotationsTest
Tapped to remove top/bottom menu bars
Started annotating with stylus (1-2 strokes)
Zoomed in to 100% using fingers
Instantly, all the following annotations started drifting just a tiny bit to the bottom-right.

Opened another song (different page size/ratio) and no problem. Returned to the test file and immediately a slight drift.

Attached Files
.pdf   AnnotationsTest.pdf (Size: 73.73 KB / Downloads: 3)
I believe I have located the cause for this. It has to do with the scaling calculations, and some rounding issues were causing annotations to appear to move after they are created. I've adjusted the code to eliminate these rounding issues, and the annotations now don't move at all. On my Samsung Tab S4, this movement was only a couple of pixels, which is only noticeable when zoomed in a fair amount. Hopefully this will address what you are seeing. If you can confirm that this issue is addressed after version 3.1.0 is released, I would appreciate it. 

Sounds great, Mike! Glad you've been able to reproduce it and implemented a fix this quickly.

Will confirm after the update is released. Any thoughts as to when that will be?

I still have a list of things I would like to get into the next update. I may decide to split this into two updates if it doesn't look like I can get it done by the end of the week.

Thanks for the update, Mike.

The offset seems to have been improved (i.e., reduced), but I still ran into it a number of times since v3.1.0.

I'll run some tests to see if I can find a surefire method to reproduce it. The shift has reduced considerably, but from what I experienced thus far it still occurs in A4 files when zoomed in max (I recall them moving either up or left by just a few pixels, sometimes a little annoying when writing small chord symbals containing a # etc.)
Okay, let me know if you know how to reproduce it. I'm definitely not seeing any adjustments at all on the annotation positions on my Samsung Tab S4 even when zoomed in the maximum amount.


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