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Switch Library needs to change ALL settings
Hey! I've run into a problem that may be too big for MS.
I use it for church, not a problem, works great, Dropbox, etc.

Unfortunately, I also would like to use it for my jazz gigs (because I think it would be awesome!).
So here's where I'm running into the problem.

My church Dropbox folder stays close to the size limit. Also, I don't want jazz/pop songs in there.
I created a new Library and switched to it, but my Storage location is still my church Dropbox.
I then changed the Storage Location.
I was then told it was moving my files!
I immediately changed back... and it said it was moving them again. Argh!

What I would like... and I would think this has come up before... is when you Switch Library, absolutely EVERY setting can be changed and only applies to that Library. Especially Storage.

Is there something I'm missing? Please let me know if there's a work-around.
Or maybe I have to buy it again under a different name? Would that work? Just login each time?
Thanks so much!
Two different backups one for church, one for jazz. Each backup saves its own settings.
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That's not currently supported unfortunately. There are two separate issues there:

1) Song files are not isolated for each library at the moment (this was brought up with a feature request on the forum, I just haven't had time to work on it yet). This means each library will put all of their files into the same storage location, and songs from each library could be forced to share the same instance of a file (which is actually by design to eliminate redundant files, but it can be a problem in some scenarios).

2) In the Android version of MobileSheets, the application configuration files are handled through the Android framework. That framework does not have any easy mechanism to separate the configuration for each individual library. Supporting that would cause a huge number of issues that I would have to overcome. Having a different storage location per library is much more manageable, and is something I can certainly consider with fewer reservations. Do you really need a difference instance of the configuration across the entire application? There are a vast number of configuration files, handling everything from the settings you see on the settings screen, to individual settings for things like annotations and the media player. It actually seems to me that having separate configuration per library would be much more likely to cause issues for users, as they would forget to change settings for each individual library, and it would become a tedious process of having to remember which settings to update. This also means things like custom user stamps wouldn't be shared between libraries, and would have to be set up for each one. I would need to hear a very strong argument for why this would be necessary, or even a good thing for general use. 

Having said all that, if you are using the Windows 10 version, there is a workaround of sorts. I save all of the configuration files under C:\Users\<your username>\AppData\Local\Packages\41730Zubersoft.MobileSheets_ys1c8ct2g6ypr\LocalState. All of the xml files are the configuration files. So if you wanted to have separate configuration per library, you could handle this as part of a two part process. First, switch the library, then exit the application. Now copy all of the configuration files into a folder you manage your self. Those will be the configuration files for the first library. Now create a second folder and copy the configuration files into that folder as well. You can modify default.xml and change the storage location for the second library, and then make sure all of your library files for the 2nd library are under that storage location. It's on you to make sure all of the folder paths are correct for all of the songs (although you can use Settings->Other Settings->Fix Broken File Paths to repair this if needed). Now every time you want to switch libraries, you'll just have to copy the latest configuration files for that library into the appropriate folder, then switch libraries, close the app, copy in the configuration files for the 2nd library, start the app up and it should all be set up for that library. Just be aware that there may be some consequences to doing this that I haven't considered depending on what features you rely on.  As long as you keep your storage locations separate, there are no concerns about files being deleted that are needed by both libraries. About the only thing that comes to mind is that the custom user stamps (if you utilize those) would not be set up properly for each library. You'd probably want to copy the stamps folder in with the configuration files for each library, and that way you can have different custom stamps per library.

You can also use the backup/restore approach as suggested by Skip.

A proposal for a pragmatic solution: choose a bigger storage space so that all your song files fit there.

@saxmaneric: if it needs to be free and has to be shared via internet: GoogleDrive 15 GB instead of DropBox 2 GB
if staying in your own local network is an option, there are many alternatives: a NAS, SyncThing, ResilioSync, rsync ...
@Mike: webdav or OwnCloud support would allow to host a personal cloud storage of any size
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Wow. I've never gotten so many comments so fast on ANY program ever (and I used to repair Vic20's and C64's when they were new!).

I think I've figured out a solution, and I feel kind of stupid for it being the absolute simplest.
I purchased MS for church and a different purchase for home (see where this is going?).

Since I, like most people now, do a lot of work from home, I wanted to keep it all separate.
So what I'm trying, and this seems to be working, is to put my storage at home on my drive like I want.
Church remains on the Dropbox (for now).

When I get my setlist and all done at home, I'll do like I've been doing and Share it with all files and folders to the Dropbox.
Then import at church on Sunday morning.

I'll just have to add the extra step of deleting the church files from my Jazz folder at a later time. Or maybe just play them at the restaurants. They'll never know!  Tongue

I think it would still be an awesome feature to have the Libraries keep separate info, but I think this works for now.
Thanks again for all the input! It helped me a lot to "think out loud" with all of you.
Thanks Mike for explaining the settings files in Win10 again.

As you know I've been suggesting a backup for the settings without all the song and audio files for quite some time now.
(As I mentioned in some threads I sync my sheets and audio files with an external program over all my devices so I don't 
need to backup and restore MSP with my big library of files).

Parting with the idea to include that in the backup options. Couldn't you simply implement (for all platforms including the upcoming iOs) an 
export/import settings feature as many other applications have? Isn't that the easier approach?

For me it would be far more practical than to backup the complete library or manually adjust all the settings to get
them the same on all devices when I reinstall or newly install MSP on a device.
Yes, adding an import/export option for the settings is on my list of things to do.  This is the same idea as copying the settings files. The one thing users wil have to be aware of, is that import settings like that will override everything and if the storage location changes as a result, files from the previous storage location will not be moved (I know that is exactly what you want for your situation, but other users may not fully understand the consequences).


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