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Red exclamation point instead of user-provided stamp image
I'm running MobileSheets Pro on a Windows 10 tablet.

I have defined a couple user-provided stamps (e.g., mute on, mute off).

I can add the annotations to my score with no problem.

The issue is that after I exit MobileSheets and later come back to view the score, some (but not all) of the stamp annotations are missing:  Instead of the stamp image, there's a red exclamation point at the stamp's location.  I presume the exclamation point indicates some sort of error.

If I touch the screen to go into annotation mode, the exclamation point is instantly replaced by the user stamp image, without my doing anything further.  When I exit from annotation mode, the stamp image is now visible as intended. 

When I reopen the score later, I may have to go thru the same process all over again.  It seems that not all instances of my user stamp image disappear, just some of them - and it seems different ones disappear at different points in time.

Can someone explain what's going on?  Is there some error on my part?

Thank you, Rob L
Hello Rob,

It definitely doesn't sound like you've done anything incorrectly. How many custom stamps would you say you have on a single page (the page that isn't loading correctly)? If possible, it would help a great deal if you can email those custom stamps to mike@zubersoft.com, as well as a .msf file for the song which is generated by long pressing the song and tapping Share->Export as .msf. I'll then see if I can reproduce the problems you are seeing on any of my Windows 10 devices.

Thank you!

As of right now, the symbols seem all to be displaying correctly (for the first time in a week).  I'll wait to export and send the msf file until the problem recurs. 

There are never more than two instances of the user-provided stamp on a single page.

Thanks again, Rob L
I run MobileSheets on a windows PC and two android tablets.  I have a user stamp that I often use that works fine on the windows PC.  The problem is when I sync to the two androids, the user stamp displays fine on the one, but on the other it shows as a red exclamation mark.

What have I done wrong.
(I'm sorry - I thought I had posted my problem resolution here, but I don't see it now - the discussion must have been in emails between me and Zubersoft...)

For me, the problem seems to have been a timing issue with the SDXC card containing my Mobilesheets database. The card was an older / slower one, from 2014 when I first purchased the device (a SurfacePro tablet running Windows 10).  I replaced the card with a newer, higher speed one.  It wasn't certain that doing so would resolve the problem (e.g., it wouldn't help if the problem were with the SurfacePro itself and not with the card), but it seems to have done the trick. 

My situation / experience may have nothing to do with yours.  But, if (1) your misbehaving Android device sometimes displays the symbols correctly but at other times displays the red question marks, (2) the exclamation marks seem to "fix themselves" when you open the music page for edit, and (3) your MobileSheets database is on an SDXC card, perhaps it's the same issue I had.

Good luck - RL
If you go to the storage location (listed in MobileSheetsPro under Settings->Storage->Set MobileSheets Storage Location) and look at the stamps folder, it should contain the custom stamp on the Android device. Can you please check to make sure the file exists on the Android device that is showing the red exclamation mark? Also, what storage location are you currently using on that device?


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