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Using Bookmarks as song entries
Hi all,

First post here. I really like MSP and exploring the many features. I have several PDF documents that contain large numbers of songs in them. Via my pdf editor, I bookmarked every song in each document. The bookmarks appear and move to the correct pages perfectly. My only question is that it would be nice to be able to list all of these songs that are bookmarked as actual songs in MSP - sort of a "virtual song". This way, when I page through my song list, these will show up. I can assign artists to them and also use them in playlists. 

Perhaps this functionality exists? If not, I think it would be a great addition. 


Hello John,

MobileSheetsPro has a "Create Snippet" feature that provides the functionality you are looking for (if you want to break up a song that already exists in your library). You can access it through the circle at the bottom left corner of the song overlay, through a touch action or you can assign the right icon in the quick action box to trigger it as well. If you want to break up a PDF based on bookmarks to create individual songs when the PDF is first imported, just use Import->CSV or PDF Bookmarks, then select the PDF, and you will see a list of all the bookmarks you've created.  Using a CSV file gives you more control over how the songs are created and lets you populate metadata, so that is usually my recommendation over bookmarks. With bookmarks, each song will use the number of pages between its bookmark position and the next bookmark.

Hm, actually I always imported single files or batch import with CSV. So I never tried it any other way. But I always thought you could import a file with several bookmarked songs so that it automatically creates song entries similar to the CSV with a file with multiple songs.

This "batch import" option with bookmarks should seriously be added to MSP. As I said, I already thought it worked this way.
Are you saying you think you should be able to batch import multiple PDFs and automatically create songs from every range of bookmarks throughout all of files? That could generate thousands of songs with larger PDFs and you may not really want all of those. That's why Import->CSV or PDF Bookmarks lets you pick which bookmarks to create songs from. I don't really think Import->Batch Import with PDF bookmarks is a good idea because that could take a lot of effort to clean up if you accidentally create hundreds of songs from bookmarks without realizing it.

No, I didn't read your post not carefully enough and misunderstood. All is well.

Thanks for your response. I see how snippets work, that's great. I've already gone through the pain of creating bookmarks on a few PDF books that I have, hopefully I can utilize them to generate a CSV file. I haven't looked at the CSV functionality yet - though I have seen it mentioned several times. Thanks much!
You can export PDFBookmarks with jPdfBookmarks https://sourceforge.net/projects/jpdfbookmarks/
Load the PDF then call Tools - Dump. The exported text file is a good start. With some search&replace in a text editor and some Excel (or, even better, LibreOffice Calc) usage you get the CSV fast quite and easily.
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