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Library Screen Tweaks
Hi Mike, just a couple of reasonably trivial things that have been annoying me whilst using MS.

1. The main song library screen: would it be possible to show the custom field, if there is one? I realise you can use the filter, but having been using MS consistently for a few months, the most common use is to have all of the songs shown (ie, unfiltered), but it is not possible to know which part is which (if I have the same song 4 times) without the custom field shown. None of my songs span more than half the screen so there should be plenty of room for it..

2. Change the way the main song library is sorted: I have 4 songs, all with the same name and the only difference between them is that the difficulty is 1-4 and the custom field is "Trumpet 1" - "Trumpet 4" however on the list they appear in a seemingly random order. My guess is that it sorts them alphabetically on the title, and then just sorts them by an id (probably the order they were created in)? It would be useful if they were sorted by title, then by artist, then difficulty, or key or whatever. I find that if I'm looking for a particular part, I can guarantee it will be the last one I try. Smile


Sure Chris, I can add an option to display the custom field on the library screen. I'm thinking it will be something like

Song 1 (Custom Field)
Album - Artist

Does that work for you?

As for the sorting, I currently just sort alphabetically. I'll see if I can improve it.
Great, thanks Mike, that would be perfect. Or Song 1 - Custom Field as potentially there could be ( ) in song titles. Totally up to you! Smile

Regarding sorting, it's not the end of the world but it would be great if you could take a look. Even if it's just by title and then by difficulty or something. Or, since you're putting the custom field on the same line as the title, it might be more appropriate to be by title and then custom field?

Cheers, Chris
If it works for you Chris, I'm going to leave the alphabetic sorting the way it is, but once I add the custom field option, the song titles will be "Song 1 - Custom Field", so this should give you the kind of reliable sorting you need, assuming you provide custom field values. I just don't want to introduce really slow sorting algorithms by having to iterate over the list multiple times in order to sort based on multiple parameters.

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