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PDF links do not work as expected in two-page view
The attached PDF file has one link per page (the page header). 

The printed page numbers start from zero. In a two-page view, odd numbers should stay on the right. I would expect that, following a link, the odd pages always are on the right.

However, if I click the link on page number 1 (header "link to page 5"), I go to a new two-page view having an even page number (6) on the right. I would expect an odd number (5). Can this weird result be corrected?

Thank you for your great app!


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Hello Lorenzo,

At the moment, MobileSheetsPro will always jump straight to the page, which places the page on the left. I would have to add an option to always force odd pages on the right in order to support what you have described. While I completely understand why you would want it operate that way when turning two pages at a time, the two page display mode also supports turning one page at a time. In that mode, it makes perfect sense for odd pages to be on the left, as that would happen naturally when turning through the pages. If you try changing the page turn mode to "alternating pages" that may behave the way you want (I'll have to double check that).

Thank you, Mike, for your fast reply,

I tried your suggestion. The "Alternate Pages" mode works fine with PDF links and keeps odd pages on the right. However, it is not a practical solution. In fact, in this mode, you lose the natural page-turning as it occurs when reading a printed book.

In my view, the problem is that the "Two Pages" mode does not enforce a real page-turning (as in a printed book) as it allows odd pages on the left. Many music scores require a two-page view with odd pages always on the right. For example, a piano duet must strictly preserve the page order: the "primo" page on the left and the "secondo" page on the right.

Therefore, I propose to add a new "Book Pages" mode similar to the "Two Pages" that provides a strict page-turning as in a printed book, i.e., the right page is always odd and always follows the left page.

For example, the Adobe Acrobat app has two similar settings ("Two Pages" and "Two Pages With Cover Page") that preserve the printed page order and allow to deal with books with an additional cover page shown as a single page.

I'll see if I can update the logic when a link is triggered to determine if the two page display mode is active and is set to turn two pages at a time (or pages are alternated). In either case, I will then check to see if the page within the song is an odd numbered page starting from 0, in which case I should instead jump to the link page - 1. Hopefully that should get you what you need. I still think there is value in having some other settings to handle things like a cover page in the future.


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