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Tablet mode doesn't fill the screen when connected to AirTurn Duo Pedal
I have a new Acer Chromebook Spin 713 that changes from laptop to tablet.  When I have the computer in tablet formation, the tablet mode of Mobilesheets works fine.  However, as soon as I connect my AirTurn Duo pedal, the Mobilesheets window gets smaller and doesn't fill the screen.  Pedal modes 2 and 3 both change the pages, but no pedal mode fixes the app window size.  

I tried using the resizable mode on Mobilesheets, which does create a full-sized page while using my pedal.  However, in that mode when changing between portrait and landscape views I have to resize the window each time.

Please advise on how to make the Mobilesheets window fill my screen in tablet mode while using my AirTurn Duo pedal.

Update:  I'm still having the problem but I think this thread is related.  

Perhaps adding the pedal makes my chromebook think that it is in laptop mode and not tablet mode....
Do you have a newer AirTurn Duo that supports AirTurn Direct Mode? The next update is adding support for AirTurn Direct Mode so that you can connect the pedal without it being treated as a keyboard (which caused the device to switch modes). So you'd just need to have your pedal in mode 1 and then connect under the new option in the settings. I think this may be the simplest way to solve the problem.

Hello Mike!
My pedal does say that setting one is AirTurn Direct.
Does this update exist yet?  (If not, when should I update?)
Where is the new option in settings?
My AirTurn model is ATFS-2
The update has not been released yet. I will be working on finalizing and releasing it today. After version 3.5.2 is available, the release notes will be posted on the forum, and then you will find a new option under Settings->Touch & Pedal Settings called AirTurn Direct Mode.

The update has been released, so please download it at your convenience and let me know if AirTurn Direct Mode solves this problem for you.

Hello!  I thought I replied days ago but I don't see it here.  

I installed this update, but it didn't help my problem.  I turned on AirTurn Direct Mode but the app screen still gets small when I connect my AirTurn duo pedal in mode one (AirTurn Direct).  I even installed a different music reading app (Orpheus) and had the same problem.  

I'm having an additional more serious problem.  The computer freezes or shuts down while using Mobilesheets.  This also happened with Orpheus.

Mobilesheets on my separate windows device works perfectly and is a great app.  

My current conclusion is that this Acer Chromebook [b]Spin 713 is a faulty device for music reading!  [/b]I'm not sure if it's the individual device or if it's the model in general, but I suspect that it's the model; other comments online talk about how it doesn't always play nicely with apps.  I don't think this is a problem with Mobilesheets.  
Is anyone else having the problem with their device freezing and / or shutting down when they use Mobilesheets?  I thought this was the device, so I'm trying to return it.  However, the seller referred me to this thread https://www.zubersoft.com/mobilesheets/f...771&page=2   Is MS crashing a problem for anyone else with the current version of MS?
If you are having the same issue with multiple apps, that points to a potential issue with the hardware. Have you tried factory resetting/powerwashing the device and reinstalling the apps to see if that has any impact? Make sure to backup your library in MobileSheets under Settings->Backup and Restore->Backup Library if possible before doing this to ensure you can restore your library later. You'll want to store the backup file somewhere safe (i.e. in the cloud and not on the device).


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