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Some ideas while evaluating

1) MobileSheets v4.1.6 involved some minor fixes, and was released shortly after v4.1.5. I didn't include release notes for it because the number of changes were so limited (just bug fixes).

2) v5 is adding rotation support where you can rotate any amount you want. This will be done with a slider on the song editor screen (with the ability to enter a value manually if desired).

3) There are already three overlay modes available in MobileSheets. If you look under the options for these overlay settings, you have the option for single tap, long tap, or swipe.

4) These are good ideas. I am introducing more advanced auto-scrolling options, but I didn't really think about adjusting the metronome mid-song. In a future update, I will look into adding these capabilities.

5) I already load up to 10 pages in each direction from the current page. Even this can cause problems on some devices with limited resources.

6) I am adding two pages up at a time, but the other features you've mentioned are pretty extensive. I'm not sure when I will try to tackle them yet.

7) Speech input is naturally built into the Android OS, is it not? There is usually a microphone button on the keyboard for this (I don't have my tablet to verify this). I also support voice-based searching for songs already as well. As for native keyboards and pen writing, these are also OS things. If I plug the keyboard into my ASUS Transformer, it works automatically. I don't know if you can plug in any usb keyboard, but in theory, my app shouldn't have to change at all to support this if the OS supports it.

8) This will be tackled along with the other sharing features.

9) Are you saying you want a list on the library screen of notes taken for every song? I can consider adding this if it would be useful to people.

10) User provided custom bitmaps are still on my list of things to finish adding, along with converting the existing implementation to use fonts instead of bitmaps for the core symbols.

11-14) Thanks for these. I'll fix them first chance I get.

Thanks for taking the time to write that all up. I appreciate the feedback.


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