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Some ideas while evaluating
(12-17-2013, 05:46 PM)Harry_M Wrote: Jan, thanks for your overview.
The Odys and both Archos do not have bluetooth - if you want to use a pedal, this might be a no-go, so the Hannspree seems to be a good choice. I would have bought it if I did not have a 10'' tablet already (Note 10.1) and if I had found some reviews.
So I would be glad if you can post your experiences here!

Although note that usb pedals should still work, like Billipro. Also I think the new Cicada will have a wired USB option.

I had so many problems with losing bluetooth in the middle of a performance (Ugh!) I moved back to a USB connection (I just needed a micro USB to standard USB converter for around $5.00). Pretty much rock solid.

That said, I just bought the Hannspree as a back up (have not received it yet). I think the battery should be sufficient for reading pdfs (should use much less power than watching a movie) and I liked the set up (all ports/etc on one short side) and the larger included hard drive space (should never run out of internal hard-drive space with 16gb).

I would think larger tablets should become the norm for this type of use.


(12-26-2013, 08:15 AM)Jan Wrote: I added my points to bugzilla.

I also did a more detailed "review" on my (frequently written) blog

Jan, I am following up on your comment in your blog about the stand.

I use the KM 19742 stand with a 13 inch tablet (Toshiba Excite 13.3). Since you can set up it so the top of the stand is open in portrait view (there is no clasp on top), it fits a 13 inch tablet (at least it fits the Toshiba 13.3, and hopefully it will fit the Hannspree)

It works okay. It has a very slight tilt to the left side (even with the replacement part they sent me) and it is probably not as sturdy as a heavy duty stand, but it does not block me like a music stand does. Ultimately, it works ok (I like it it better than a music stand).

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