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Tip for scanning music
I have bought an All in one printer/scanner/copier Canon MG2450 this weekend, incredible cheap (€44,50 at the MediaMarkt) but it scans just fine. At 300dpi an average two page trumpet bigband score comes out at a few hundred Mb.. with a 32Gb SD card in my Tab 3, I can have thousands of pieces on my tab... Well, just started, I have scanned about 100 pieces now :-), keep PDF backups at my LG 2Tb harddrive...

I just scan the music I have in my bag that I get from my bands, so that are just 200-300 pieces that I need to scan right now, once that is done, I just need to scan the new pieces that are handed out now and then, and that are just a few at a time, so the All in one canon is just right for me, only the initial scanning of all the music in my gig bag keeps me busy the next few days :-) Also new pieces are handed out digitally more and more so that makes it super easy to use Mobilesheets.

But I do not really understand the need to scale down the PDF's, Mobilesheets does not seem to have any problem loading them and storage has become so cheap, that cannot be the problem either.. even the cheapest SD cards of 4GB to 16Gb can hold thousands of pages. Tablets with no SD-card slot have internal memories of at least 8Gb, if you do not take pictures and limit the use of the tab to Mobilesheets and maybe some basic other applications, I find it hard to believe that would not be sufficient for thousands of pages of music...
Kind regards, Marco

Start using Mobilesheets since Februari 22, 2015
Scanner: Canon MG2450 All in one printer (cheap, but works fine)
Tablet: Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1"
Pedals: AirTurn PED (the new Bluetooth 4.0 (SMART READY) ones)
Member of Amateur bands HET/AlmaarBrass/JRBB, playing trumpet.

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