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Progress on Annotations and Odd Crash
(09-18-2012, 01:28 AM)Zuberman Wrote: I am providing a huge list of built-in stamps. I'm going to have a simple list of commonly used ones, and a larger list that you can access by toggling the simple mode off. I have all of the various notes (eighth, quarter, half, whole, etc), all accidentals, crescendo, decrescendo, volume & dynamics, rhythm dots, piano pedal marks, etc. What I need to do is figure out the best default size for all of these images. This will take a little bit of time. Once I have that all figured out, I need to make sure the stamp size option makes it easy enough to resize the stamps to fit various sheet music. I am also going to be adding support for custom bitmaps, where you can have a list of of your own symbols and images that you can then drop on any page. This will probably not make it into the first release, as it would delay me from releasing the update.

The ability to add your own BMP's would be great - as I quite often sing from chorus music that has multiple lines and I quite often have to switch from line to line with the way that this breaks up = so having the ability to stamp my own BMP file at points at which I change lines (so I could easily follow the bouncing ball, as it were) would be great Smile

I also like using my own symbols to higlight particular parts that I find difficult to sing etc. so that would be useful there also.

(09-18-2012, 04:02 AM)Booze Wrote:
(09-18-2012, 12:28 AM)Zuberman Wrote: Also Booze (or anyone else that wants to comment), for highlighting, would it be better to be able to just draw a box around the section you want to highlight, or do you want to just use freeform drawing to drag over things?
Thinking of classical music like Chopin in your example, I think it could be
easier marking with freeforms, than with boxes. Sometimes notes go up and down outside the systems so it could happen, that at the beginning you have a very big box, where you need only a small one. Perhaps it would be possible, to rotate boxes in free degrees, so you don't have always horizontal boxes.
I don't know if this is possible in PDFs with sheet music, but highlighting difficult sections or solos would be a great feature. I use it often in RepliGo Reader to mark important things in texts.

I think the free form highlight would be the best default. As I mentioned before I tend to sing second soprano (which isnt always written) which means that i can find myself jumping from the Alto to the Sop stave and back again - free form highlight to be able to actually highligh the particular notes and words that I sing would be the default that I would want.

Also if it is possible to change the opacity and colour of the highlighter itself - some sheet music that I have is lighter than other - and would therefore need a more transparent highligter.

I am excited about this update - hope this feedback is helpful Smile

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