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Metronome shuts off between songs in setlist
Hi Mike,

Am really digging MobileSheets. It's incredible how much features you've been able to implement into it, being just 1 developer (and doing this in your free time). You're a powerhouse!

Really looking forward to the 5.0 update for the new UI and especially the rearrange ability (displaying PDF pages in any order I specify). Would love to be a beta-tester, if you still need those.

The bug: When using the metronome, the UI seems to suggest that your intention was that it remains turned on between the songs (when switching from one song to the next in the setlist); which is a feature I'd really want to use (instead of having to start the metronome for every song). But what happens is that when you switch to the next song, the metronome (audio and visual) simply stops, whereas the metronome dialog still shows that the metronome is on (which leads me to believe that that was your intended functionality).

To turn the metronome back on, you need to go into the metronome dialog and press the "Start Metronome" button, which is actually still showing "Stop Metronome" since you started the metronome in the previous song. When you press the button, the metronome reactivates, but the button then switches to showing "Start Metronome"...

So the question is: was it really your intention for the metronome to remain on from one song to another (adopting the metronome settings save for each song when switching to a new song)? If so, could you please fix this bug?

Guess this will be adressed no sooner than in version 5.0, right?


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Metronome shuts off between songs in setlist - by JustMe - 07-16-2014, 11:25 PM

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