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page range
Hi Mike, many thanks for the update 3.8. I especially like the new feature to not always display the page bar. About the issue I reported earlier, it's still there but I know how to reproduce:
1. Add new song
2. Add a pdf (multiple pages for example the pdf I mailed you)
3. Choose 1 page (this is important) for example startpage=9, endpage=9
4. Everything looks OK
5. Save the file
6. Edit the song
7. If the pdf is 17 pages, the next wrong values will be displayed:
Page 1/17
Page Range 9-25

The bug only appears selecting 1 page in a pdf. I hope you will be able to reproduce and fix.

When saving the file there is still the fast error message of which I sent a screen copy. It was also reported by somebody else.

I don't use it, but on the Galaxy Tab 10.1 the metronome is not correct. The beats are not exactly in time.

One little suggestion to make your app more intuitive for new users:
- The buttons at the bottom look greyed out, not clickable (however they are). I think the audio button should be greyed out when no song has been selected.

Anyway, I love mob shts and use it every day.


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