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the ideal tablet for MobileSheetsPro
Azpen A1320G 13.3" -
I've had one for a month or 2 and like it a LOT. The big screen is just a killer win, hands down. The viewable area is basically the same as a full A4; or slightly longer + slightly narrower than an 8-1/2 x 11. Not enuf narrower to be any kind of a problem- basically it's like having 3/4" margins on the sides. It's big enuf that I can use it landscape for side-by-side 2 page. It's a little small for that so it only works for simpler scores or songs I know reasonably well already. I generally prefer a 4:3 screen, but having used this, the taller screen is nice when I'm doing annotations because the annotation menus don't cover any of the music page. Another thing I like is that they put very few apps (bloatware) on it so there's not a lot of stuff running, and not a lot of storage space taken up by junk.

There are a couple smaller things I'd change-
- I haven't been able to get a bluetooth mouse to connect (which I use as a foot-pedal, to change pages). Only tried once, maybe it'll work if I put more time into it.
- the power switch is "tall" enuf that it tends to get pushed inside my bag, so it comes out of sleep. So I turn it all the way off, on the way to a gig.
- it uses a propietary charger- not USB. But in another way this is good- I can have a USB mouse plugged in, and still have it charging at the same time. In fact it has 2 USB ports which is also handy.

The one limitation that's an issue for me is that the screen isn't as bright as I'd like for outdoor, full sunlight gigs. It's OK outdoors under shade, but in full sunlight it's marginal. I put a matte non-glare screen protector on it and that's helped. Full sunlight is tough for any tablet but I have a 10" 4:3 Lenovo IdeaTab S2109 that's enough better in full sun, that I use it instead of the Azpen for those gigs.

On balance I'd recommend it unless you're outside in full sun a lot. I actually just bought a 2nd one for a 90-year old friend to use just around his house as a general purpose device- email, skype, web stuff etc. They seem to be well built.

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