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the ideal tablet for MobileSheetsPro
I have messed about with tablets of different sizes and operating systems to use on my Korg PA600, and have found a mix that works for me, maybe only me, however it is so cheap, and there are other possibilities for other users, so here is what I've settled on; 

1. 14" HP Stream laptop $140 US from Best Buy. [Win 10. this version of windows is ideal for apps like MSP because it is plug and play for all the functions you are likely to use. it's a good  app controller.] 
(This program source could be any tablet that has bluetooth & USB, however the HDMI output may be an issue for some tablets. The Sceptre does not have "Casting" ability, but other method are possible)
2. 24"  Sceptre monitor Amazon $104 US  + free HDMI cable
3. Roland UM-One usb/midi patch $15 CA
4. Page flip bluetooth pedal $149 CA

The result is a large display and the option of extra items because the laptop has 3 dedicated USB ports.
The monitor is light, less than 5 lbs, is the same width as the music stand, and has built-in speakers, ideal for mp3 playback with the display, and it has the option of audio out to the keyboard. 
I appreciate that this set-up is too bulky for most gigs, but if you spend most of your time playing at home, it works well, and is lower priced than most 10" tablets. We are snowbirds and I transport this system from Ontario to Florida & back, so I've made inexpensive but sturdy cases out of thin model maker's plywood, which is 5 or 7 plies, to protect the gear enroute. For sturdy corners I use 1/16" x 1/2" aluminum angle, and epoxy it together to make it strong.

Thinking of bands and keeping costs down, getting displays with bluetooth or casting ability could save a bundle!

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