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[1.0.1] Restore error
(04-20-2015, 07:01 AM)itsme Wrote: When I restored my backup from MSProBeta the error message as shown in the attached screenshot. In English it is
"Restore completed successfully. Some files could not be written to disk due to invalid or incompatible paths, or an error in the database. This may be because some files were not accessible (SD card not inserted?). Using a backup file from a different tablet may also cause this."
I know the cause and I know that I can ignore this message:
some of my songs refer to certain pages in complete fakebooks that I store on an external SD card "SD1". Due to the ugly way Android 4.4... handles external SD cards MS cannot write on SD1 as it was told by me setting "restore into the original path". This cannot be fixed by MS, I know that. But in case of an additional problem I wouldn't notice it.
The changes I propose are:
- list the files that cannot be written in detail, preferably with fulll path and file name
- provide some method to check that all songs in the database can find the files they refer to and list the songs and/or files where this is not the case

Full out freak out mode at the moment. I'm getting this message and none of my files exist. It looked like it loaded properly, but when I go to open songs it says "does not exist". I've tried restoring back up files from ext card and dropbox, same thing. Anyone who can help def gets some beers on me. I have a gig in a few hours and I'm beyond screwed if I can't get it. Tried removing and reinstalling program. Wiping and restoring rom.

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