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Nested Folder in Mobilesheets Pro

The feature you are describing (updating metadata based upon the folder structure) was one that I didn't get a lot of feedback on, and I didn't get the sense that a lot of users took advantage of this feature. The structure of the library in MobileSheetsPro has also changed quite a bit to allow multiple values per field along with a slew of new fields. I had to redesign the way batch importing worked, and during this process, it was quicker and easier to get rid of the feature to populate metadata based upon folder names.

If users want this feature back, I can certainly reintroduce it to work with MobileSheetsPro, but the feedback I got in the past is that people really want something different or something more, such as the ability to choose which fields should be associated with each folder depth during the import. This could look something like:


This would use each top level folder for composer, each of their subfolders as key, and the subfolders of those folders are genre. I think this might provide more flexibility so that more users could leverage the feature. Thoughts?


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