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Nested Folder in Mobilesheets Pro
Please bring it back! OR describe to me how I might better import/manage my tunes.
I play in a few different bands, and I also keep several real books organized using the nested folders approach. As it is right now, I'm using the old mobile sheets.. then creating a backup... then importing that backup into Pro. I've got almost 5K tunes! I need that batch feature...

OR... can you tell me what's the most efficient way to keep my PDFs organized? Right now it looks something like this:
gig folder/realbooks/realbook folder
gig folder/BbReal Books/Bb Books
gig folder/top40 band/Top 40/
gig folder/Salsa Band/Salsa/

The advantage of keeping them like that was the batch import... then, I could just click on album.. and all my stuff would be sorted! It was genius man!! Please bring it back... or you know, is the ideal situation now keeping my stuff in one PDF file with boookmarks in it or something? What's the recommended way of organizing your stuff?

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