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Backup problems
I just bought the new pro version (have had the old one for ages).  I was hoping it might automatically import the songs etc from the old one which is also on my tablet but not finding any way to do that, I decided to restore a backup from the old version from my PC.  So, I installed the companion program and restored the latest backup I had.  All seemed to work.

I thought it would be a good idea to create a new backup from the pro version, and this is where I am having problems.

On the first attempt it seemed to gather up all the songs and package them, and send them to the PC (ending with a "Backup completed successfully" on the tablet status log.  The PC however is sitting forever saying 100% transferred and never completing the save of the file.  I look on my disk and the file is there, but showing 0 length.   After a length of time I have to give up and hit the cancel button.

If I try again, it fails in various ways, from the tablet acting as if nothing has happened, to the tablet saying "initiating backup" and then nothing else happening.

If I disconnect the tablet from the PC and reconnect, it proceeds as per the first time, getting to 100% but never saving the file properly, just like before.

A backup to the tablet itself, from Mobilesheets Pro works fine.

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