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1) For part of the year I play with a group.  I have 1300 songs, 300 of which are from other people.  When these "snowbirds" leave I just want to see my stuff so I set up a collection called "Other Source" and "exclude" these songs.  This works fine - I only see my songs, my artists, my recent, etc.   The problem is that after I do -any- kind of editing (for a song, for instance, or a setlist, etc.)  any filters are gone (removed).  Then I have to redo the filter(s).  Is this by design or is this a bug?  It seems to me the filter(s) should remain in place.

2) When I press the filter icon two filter lines appear at the top and the filter logo turns orange.  I then set my filters.  I then want to remove those 2 lines so I press the filter icon again and the 2 lines are gone and my filters are still in place.  At this point the filter icon tuns back to gray.  Can you color the filter icon at this point (say, blue, perhaps) so that I know that filtering is, in fact, being done?

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