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having problems zooming
I have used regular MobileSheets for about 3 months and now trying to switch to Pro.

When I try and finger pinch to set the zoom, I get weird results.   Most times the page will zoom further in (or out) after I release.   This happens 1/2 to 1 second after I lift from the screen.   Only occasionally will it stay where I wanted it.   Even with regular MobileSheets on this tablet, setting the zoom could be a little touchy but there was never a jump in size after I lifted my fingers from the screen.  I primarily use portrait orientation.

I have tried Auto-Crop but still seem to get results that are zoomed in more than what the crop outline indicates should be.   I do not have night mode enabled even thought that Auto-Crop bug was fixed in 1.0.6.   Experimenting seemed to indicate that if I zoomed fully out before Auto-Crop it worked better but that has not been consistent.

I updated to Pro 1.0.7 from 1.0.5 and rechecked some before posting.

I did a backup of music from regular MobileSheets with Companion to my PC and then import with Companion Pro.

I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2, android 4.4.2

Thanks in advance

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