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(06-13-2015, 07:29 AM)Zuberman Wrote: I am going to look into adding support for linking to youtube videos. I have done the research for this, so I know what's required, but I do have some other higher priority things that have to get addressed first. As far as streaming files off of cloud storage, this is something I envisioned some users wanting, so I added some code to support this in the future, but I think this would require some pretty extensive changes over a good portion of the application. I would still have to copy the file locally, but I would just store it in the temporary application cache directory which gets cleared when you exit the app.  In my opinion, I really think most users wouldn't like having to download a bunch of files every time they wanted to open a song or setlist. It would be slow and hardly worth the gain in having more SD card space. MobileSheets is geared towards being able to load any song in the library quickly and without the need for having internet connectivity, and I think this should really be the main focus. Having said that, if enough users are interested in having this capability, I can certainly move forward at some point with supporting it.

I have been away for some time, and have just now seen your answer. Ok I get that it would slow things down to have to download the songs you use, on the spot, but for me it would be a great thing. I have loads and loads of sheetmusic, and would really fill up my tablets space quickly if I were to keep it all there. I teach in a music school, and need to have access to a lot of sheets during my day, and are only using a fragment of what I have at a time. So it would make sense. Of course I could use external cards, but I would definitly prefer to keep it all in my dropbox.
But great app  Smile

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