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Any fix for loss of the virtual keyboard on a Galaxy Note Pro with an Air-turn Ped
(07-18-2015, 07:49 PM)GraemeJ Wrote: It would seem that the problem with the Lollipop update on Samsung devices is that it is devoid of drivers, other than for Samsung hardware, e.g. a Logitech keyboard won't work, but a Samsung one will.  

Something like this has all the indication of Samsung moving towards a proprietary system (like Apple) and I suspect the 'upgrades' that users are asking for might never happen - if you want a hardware keyboard you'll end up having to spring for a Samsung one.   This isn't a business model I like, but there's little we can do about it, if that is the case.


To my mind, this is so obvious - especially where we are talking about something that is a tool of your trade - but there will always be someone who wants the 'latest and greatest' and will install first and worry about it afterwards.

That's a shame (if true) and not surprising. I hope in that case any of you in the US take a class action suit. When Apple deliberately changed all their plugs for the Iphone 5 and therefore rendered all things like stereo systems and other obsolete, nothing could be done.
But I serious doubt that Samsung will provide users with a bluetooth pedal for concert musicians, not an important part of the market.

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