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Song Title / Caption formatting question
At one point I was playing with the concept of tying together delimiters with the fields that follow them so that I could identify when they should or should not be shown. For example, if you had %TITLE% - %ARTIST% - %COMPOSER%, but artist and composer are not set for some songs, I would hide everything but title. If composer was set but not artist, I would show only the one dash. The reason I didn't try to move forward with this more advanced processing was concerns over how well it would perform, considering I would start having to validate and modify strings dynamically instead of doing a more straightforward replacement. I'm sure this was probably a needless concern though, as the string processing probably wouldn't be expensive enough to notice.

In order to provide support for what you are describing, I would need to have some basic rules. First, I would need to add a checkbox for "Hide Delimiters for Empty Fields" or something along those lines so that people have control over this behavior. Next, I would have to make an assumption that any characters following a valid keyword up until the next keyword with an empty value would be removed. Additionally, any characters following an empty field such as ), }, ], and > would be removed as well.



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