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Anomaly when specifying range of pages in PDF
Hi again, this is Snard, your friendly bug reporter Smile

I noticed this oddness today when I was showing a fellow choir member how to create individual songs from a multi-song PDF file (e.g. by creating multiple songs that point to the same PDF, specifying a range of pages, but unchecking the "Copy PDF/image files" box before hitting "Save"). This worked fine, but I discovered something funny when I edited a previously saved song. The ending page number that it shows for the saved song is wrong; in some cases, it's displaying a number that would be past the end of the book. However, it only seems to do this if I specify a page range of one (i.e. the starting and ending page are the same). If there are 2 or more pages in the range, then the numbers displayed are correct.

The first time I observed this, it was on the aforementioned very large (172 page) PDF, but I've since duplicated the issue on a 3-page song. If I set the starting and ending page to 2, save the song and then re-edit it, it tells me the starting page number is 2, and the ending page is 4! However, if I try to edit the ending page number, as soon as I tap + or -, it immediately corrects, and won't let me choose a value greater than 3 (or less than the starting page)

I should mention that despite this display anomaly, I can make other changes to the file in the editor and save without any problems, and when I am viewing the song, it displays the correct pages and won't let me scroll before the beginning or past the end of my page segment.

If for some reason you can't find a PDF that does this for you, I would be happy to send you one; just let me know.

- Mike

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