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List of Accepted Feature Requests
This thread will be used for me to list out all of the feature requests I have received and have planned to work on. If possible, release time frames will be given.

Last updated: 10/24/2012

New Way of Handling Artists, Albums, Genres
Release Planned: ~9 weeks
Users will be able to move songs between existing artists, albums, and genres. You will be able to create new empty items, rename existing items, and delete any items without having to delete the associated songs. Songs will no longer require having an associated artist, album, or genre, but each can be assigned as needed.

Cropping & Positional Zoom
Release Planned: ~9 weeks
Include the ability to crop individual pages on both the tablet and companion app in the song editor. Also allow positional zoom by either moving the zoom box, or at least allow horizontal repositioning.

Arbitrary Page Ordering
Released Planned: 12 weeks
Allow pages to be ordered any way desired, and provides the option to duplicate pages. For example, in a 10 page pdf, you could set it up to use page 3, 4, 5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. This would completely eliminate the need for link points, and makes it easy to use portions of large documents.

Add ability to backup library from Companion App without writing data to tablet first
Release Planned: 12 weeks
Backing up the library on the tablet from the Companion App requires the tablet to first write a backup to disk, then transfer this backup to the companion app. I will change this so that the backup is streamed from the tablet to the PC, which eliminates the disk space requirement on the tablet.

Bluetooth connection to Companion App
Release Planned: TBD
Allow the tablet and Companion App to communicate over bluetooth.

Add printing support through Google Print service
Release Planned: TBD
This will allow annotations overlaid on the sheet music to be printed through the Google Print service. This will print them as JPG or PNG, not PDF due to technical limitations.

Here is a list of features I have written down. I will try to provide detail and a timeline for them when I get a chance:

Add panX, panY to the database in the zoom table. Allow two finger pan to control offsetting. Can determine if two finger pan if initial x between fingers is less than threshold (say 25)
Add ability to view/sort library screen by songs with notes, and possibly provide excerpt (would require preloading all notes)
Add options for changing behavior of double tap on edges (next song, end of current song, 2 pages, 3 pages
Method to batch delete on tablet.
Option to default keyboard to the number keyboard for searching
Rename and delete context menu option in file browser
Allow multiple bookmarks per page
Library bookmark view - able to view all bookmarks from all songs
Password protected PDF support
Add freehand file support to companion app
Song wrap-around (last page turn goes back to first page, and vice versa)
Improve landscape half turn to account for the position of the staffs.
Add file browsing for internal files - create song from copy of internal file?
extract table of contents into bookmarks
Allow companion app to browse tablet, and select image/pdf files off the tablet (including ones in internal storage)
Change artist to composer
add ability to enter tag for song (add to context menu), have setting to enable applying search text or custom text to this
Database check/cleanup function
Option to enter times for audio playback where it will change the page automatically

These are a little further out:

Vertical scrolling mode. All pages are buffered and you can continuously scroll up and down through them.
Half-turn portrait mode
Text file support
Built-in timer/stopwatch for songs
PDF Import preview - allows viewing of PDF file, and if user desires, turn it into a Song
optionally deskew images
Add option to save passwords after they are entered

Far future:
Two images, side by side
Control other tablets over bluetooth
Make presentation of song titles in library configurable - (just song title, versus song title - album - artist).
Pitch Pipe

Some of these are just notional, so don't expect every feature to be implemented.

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