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Paint Trick Suggestion
(10-17-2015, 11:50 PM)GraemeJ Wrote: Broadly, I'm with sciurius on this.  I find it much quicker to make pencil and paper notes and then transfer the relevat points onto the tablet at home.  I agree with you that doing it direct can speed up the process - but that's speeding it up for you, not the other players, who are waiting for you to complete your adjustments.

Agreed, it does take a you little more time, but it also means there are no delays during rehearsal and you have the time to decide what is relevant from the notes and the best way to display those points.

The way I imagine the process, I'm barely holding up the rehearsal. 
I think the design of such software ideally needs to cater to the broadest scope of possible needs. I undesrstand where you are coming from, but in my work I have often wished for such a feature. It is not meant to substitute your homework method, but to complement it for specific situations (I often get the music for a rehearsal with very little notice, sometimes loading it onto the tablet at the rehearsal itself).

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