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Still issues with BT Pedals and Links
Hey Mike,

Downloaded V2.5 from the Google Market. Haven't had much time to play with it but did check my pet problem out using lings with bluetooth pedals. Still no joy.

There are still occasion where two pedal presses are required, and apparently the links are executing out of order.

Example: I created three links as follows:

Link 1: From Page 1 to Page 2 (simple page turn)
Link 2: From Page 2 to Page 1 (Repeat back to beginning of song)
Link 3: From Page 1 to Page 2 (page turn after repeat)

Unless I misunderstand, I would expect the sequence above to start on page one, turn to page 2 with the first pedal press, then return to page 1 with the second pedal press, and finally return to page 2 with the third press. (Page sequence 1-2-1-2).

What I see happening is this:

Press 1: Switches to Page Two (Link 1 End Point Displayed)
Press 2: Stays on Page 2 (Link 3 End Point Displayed)
Press 3: Switches to Page 1 (Link 2 End Point Displayed)
Press 4: No Action
Press 5: Switches to Page 2 (No indication of link)
Press 6: "End of Link Points" displayed

If I then hit the "previous" pedal. If get the following responses:

Press 1: Page 1 displayed (No indication of Link)
Press 2: No Action
Press 3: Page Two displayed (Link 3 End Point Displayed)
Press 4: No Action
Press 5: Page 1 Displayed (Link 2 End Point Displayed)
Press 6: "Beginning of Link Point" Displayed

In addition to what is noted above, I'd never expect the end point of a link to be displayed/highlighted when going "backwards". Each previous press should take me to the "start" point of the previous link, correct?

Sorry to be such a one note symphony. But reading about your implementation of links was the deciding factor for me to get MobileSheets AND an Android Tablet. Really hoping we can get this to work.



One additional question. I'm using a Cicada pedal set to send "Page Up" and "Page Down" characters, which I think makes it act the same as an Airturn BT-105. What characters is MoblileSheets expecting to receive? I can set my pedal to several different modes.



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