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Link point radius setting oddity
Hi, me again...

As I've mentioned elsewhere, I recently upgraded from a Toshiba Thrive to a Nexus 10, and I migrated my library to my new machine via a backup file. I've noticed something interesting about link points:
1. Existing link points (those created on the Thrive) will display the same size on my Nexus as they did on the Thrive.
2. New link points (created on the Nexus) are half the size they were on the Thrive.

I'm pretty sure I understand the reason for behavior #2: the Nexus has twice the screen resolution of the Thrive (2560x1600 vs. 1280x800), and the link point radius is defined in pixels.

But here is the strange thing. If I go to the Options menu and change the link point radius from 28 (the default) to 56, then any newly created link points will be the "normal" size, but previously created ones will now be twice the size! I've also confirmed that if I increase the link point radius value and then add a link point to a song that previously had link points from the Thrive, the new points will be smaller, and the previous ones will be larger. That is, the song will now have link points in both sizes.

You might have a hard time duplicating this behavior if you don't own a Nexus 10 (or other higher resolution tablet) but I can take a picture of my screen if you want to see this.

I realize that I can fix this by deleting and readding the link points, but I would like to set my default link point size to be the same as before, AND have existing link points be the correct size.


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