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Link point radius setting oddity
I did a search on "radius" cause i was trying to avoid asking a question that might have already been asked...

When you increase the size of the radius on the links, does it also increase the area "monitored" for a "push" or "press" or whatever you call the action of poking your finger into the dot/circle? I have found that more than half the time when I press a link that is near the edge of the page, MobileSheets interprets it as a "Next Page" poke, *NOT* a Goto Link. I have increased the radius of the links to 70, and I still have this issue. It seems to take heed, once I navigate back to the link, but that might just be my imagination. It also seems like I have to press (and hold?) the link for it to work, rather than just poke it like a page turn. Maybe this is just an element of the learning curve, but, so far, I do not trust links near the page edge - which is where they often are.

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Link point radius setting oddity - by Snard - 04-06-2013, 12:19 PM
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