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MobileSheets v4.0.9 Released
While I'm still hard at work on the significant changes coming in v4.1.0, enough problems have been presented by users that I decided it was necessary to have another update for bug fixes. As part of this release though, I'm pleased to announce that MobileSheets now has integrated Dropbox support thanks to the efforts of PJCrump. He is another software developer who donated his time and energy to help improve MobileSheets, and I can't thank him enough. In order to access Dropbox, look for the little white SD card symbol at the top of the file browser. If you tap this, it will switch to Dropbox mode, and you will see the familiar Dropbox symbol. When you switch modes, if its your first time accessing Dropbox through MobileSheets, you will have to enter your account information and allow access. After this, accessing folders and files stored on Dropbox feels almost no different than browsing your local files. I hope everyone likes the new features!

Here is the full list of changes with v4.0.9:

- Fixed pedal delays during page turns
- Integrated Dropbox Support has been added thanks to the contributions of PJCrump
- To access Dropbox, tap the SD card symbol at the top of the file manager to switch modes when selecting files or folders
- Fixed crashes while loading certain pages of PDFs
- Fixed pedal mode 'Scroll Page Down, Next Page'
- Fixed loading of songs in the middle of large setlists
- Fixed bug where Swap PDF menu option is grayed out for songs using PDFs
- Songs are now sorted by title when loading all songs under an artist
- Fixed unusual error where app could jump back into song editor while viewing score
- Text annotations now use resolution independent font sizes so that they show up the same on all tablets
- Fixed library restore bug where songs sharing the same file could be restored with invalid directories if create subdirectories was used
- Batch import now correctly shows progress for the file currently being imported, not the file that was last imported
- Fixed bug where draggable windows could no longer be moved in the annotations editor (text window and toolbox)
- Fixed sizing of popup action bars so that options aren't cut off

Hopefully this will give users a smoother experience for awhile as I get back to work on some of the major upgrades. Thanks everyone for the bug reports and feedback - it helps a great deal.


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