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Sending midi to multiple ports
Cheers for the responses.

I think I've come up with a solution that will let me work the way I would like without buying new gear and still keeping the same cabling.

With my tablet connected to my Korg I can easily change patches for each song using MSPro. However, with the Korg not echoing the midi messages to the midi out port I was struggling to come up with a solution that didn't involve some kind of midi box. The Korg also doesn't send midi information when its patches are changed from the tablet.

I did discover that the Korg sends Program Change messages when you manually change a patch. I have the Korg connected to my laptop via a standard midi cable via my Roland Duo audio interface and so I can set up my audio software this way.

My solution is to use MSPro as the master controller to set up the Korg and then just move off and back on to the required patch. The laptop software I am using is Cantabile 3 which has a setting to load a song when it receives a PC message. It has a delay setting so that it waits a second or so before reacting. By using this it ignores the PC message when I move off of the patch and responds, after that small delay, when I move to the correct one.

It works! Ok, there's a slight delay but is still a whole lot faster than doing all the changes manually. It means I can set up the laptop and more or less ignore it.

My next task is to get another tablet and use Touch OSC to control the settings in the song on my laptop (volume, pan etc). It can do this wirelessly over wi-fi so no extra cables! Result!

Thanks for the answers though, it is much appreciated.

Now all I've got to decide is what tablet to get!!  Confused

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