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Enhance the audio player for playalongs
Somebody said in another thread that MSP isn't an educational tool per se and I agree.

But it is suited very well for some educational tools, case in point playalongs like the Abersold or the Hal Leonard series. It's convenient to have the sheets and the music together on a tablet and on the go and to play with a BT headset.

While reeds, trumpets and other solo instruments can use this from the go with MSP it's not the same with bass and piano. Those are on separate channels and you can "mute" those by using balance on a hifi system.

It would be nice if the audio player in MSP could do something similar but put the the remaining mono output as stereo (so you hear it with both ears on a headphone). I haven't seen many audio players on the PC which can do that (just one very very old one actually) and don't know if it's difficult to implement.

But I think it's also something you could use to promote MSP to users of such playalongs.

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Enhance the audio player for playalongs - by BRX - 03-24-2016, 03:06 AM

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