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Landscape mode problems
(07-01-2016, 03:02 PM)Zuberman Wrote: I'm happy you have everything working to meet your needs using the approach BRX suggested, but I still think you made some good points about things like activating link points that aren't visible.  I'll try to work on addressing some of those issues. As for why turning backward doesn't go to the bottom of the page, it's because with normal page turns, I don't store the amount scrolled when the page leaves the screen. So when you return to that page, it just goes to the top.  I added the half page turns in landscape option to sort of address this, as that mode will go back to the bottom half of the page when you go backwards.  I don't really want to change this behavior at the moment, as I would recommend to most users that they try to prevent the need to turn pages backward (by using other things like custom page orders and cropping, as you have done).  While some users would like it if I went to the bottom of the page when turning backward, I think other users might not like this, especially if they are just turning pages backward to get to the beginning of a different song.


Hey Mike,


On the backwards page turn thing:

- When I put it in Vertical scroll mode, paging backwards works fine. If I'm at the top of a page and hit the PgUp button, the current page slides down and just the bottom part of the previous page comes into view. It seems like it should work the same in Single Page mode.

- Another reason this is important to me is that "Debounce" doesn't seem to work for me. I even set Debounce to 2 seconds (the max it allows, I think) and it still scrolls just as fast as I can tap the PgDn button on my BlueTurn. So, it's very easy for me to accidentally page too far and need to flip from the top of one page back to the bottom of the previous page.

All that said, it has become SOMEWHAT academic for me. I am using MSP in portrait mode with vertical scrolling now. As a result PgUp works just like I need it to. And I'm using custom page ordering and cropping, rather than hot links.

And I'm planning to buy a new tablet with a bigger screen, so I can continue to use MSP in portrait mode, but not have to wear glasses to see the music. :-)

So, really, my biggest problems that persist are that I have no control of the song title when I import a PDF, and the virtual keyboard is not accessible when the BlueTurn is connected. These two things put together kicked my butt at rehearsal the other night. Every time the band leader would call a new song, that I had not already imported into MSP*, I would have to go find it and import it. But, since every PDF is named "Bass.pdf", they always import with a song title of "Bass". So, after every import, I would have to pick up my BlueTurn, turn it off, wait for my tablet to notice the connection was gone, so I could use the keyboard, edit the song and change the Title, then turn the BlueTurn back on and wait for it to connect. While the entire rest of the band sat there waiting on me, just to be able to start playing the chart.

If the keyboard thing was fixed, so I could use the virtual keyboard while the BlueTurn is connected, OR if the song import gave me a way to set the title from a directory path template, that would all be a LOT faster. The latter would mean I could set it up and then not have to do any typing at all on an import.

*why not just import them all ahead of time and be done with that? This band has a library of something like 200 charts. Every chart for bass is named "Bass.pdf" and uses a parent folder name to identify the song title. All the charts for all the instruments are in this one folder structure. So, with the current capabilities of MSP, I would have to manually import each song one at a time and manually edit it to enter the song title. I'm not likely to take the time to do that for 200 songs. Thus, I am importing them as needed.

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