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measure objects
(10-10-2016, 05:21 AM)BRX Wrote: I like that. In part because I wanted to suggest something similar but haven't so far since Mike has so much on his docket and I simply forget about it if I don't post it when I think about it. Smile

Your suggestion is much better thought out than mine would have been. I just additionally suggest a “stay at“ feature as one of the properties for rests, repeats so the beat ticks on and the scrolling stops for the needed time (if that wasn't implied with the visits).

Thanks.  I probably should explain a bit more.  Nothing else should be needed for rest measures.  They're just multiple measures on a staff where you don't play but "the beat goes on."  I should have also described that a best practice would be to at least have a measure link at the first measure of every line.  For forward-moving music, the number of beats is just a multiple of the number of measures between one measure link object and the next.  So if you have Measure 1 marked (you probably should but might not have to, as it's a special case being at the start!) and the next line is marked Measure 10, and you're in 4/4 time, you have 36 beats in-between (i. e., on the first line).  Doesn't matter if there are rests.  :-)

The GOTO directive might seem a little odd having to be assigned at the next numbered measure after say a repeat so the beat goes through to the end of the measure with the repeat sign.  So, like this:  | x x x x : ||  (36) -- sorry, don't have a circle!  Measure 36 is after the measure with the repeat (four beats) and it MIGHT be on the next staff line.  Awkward but it should be workable.

What probably *should* be added to the original are niceties such as a configurable "pause" for fermatas and such.  That also might allow for ritardos rather than the complexity of having to fiddle with the actual metronome beat.

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