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Easy fingering PLEASE

I am very happy with playing from MobileSheets (Android). I have also tried a different app, but MobileSheets is far superior!

But there is one point that either does not work correctly, or I am not using it right: adding or changing fingerings in a score. I only use piano scores.

What I did this morning is the following: 
- I opened a score and clicked on the modify button (the "painting brush"). I came into the editing screen, as I should. So far so good.
For me then the trouble started. 
- First I just wanted to add some fingering. So I chose the "A" icon and clicked near the place where I wanted to add the fingering. The following things happened.

- When I clicked the place where I wanted to add fingering, the (blue) "frame" appeared. Sadly not exactly at the place I touched, but somewhere near that place. 
- So I had to shift the frame up, down, left and right several times, until it was at the right place. This really was not easy at all, because the frame does not move as one expects. Mostly it moves too fast or too slow. It seems not possible to control.
- Sometimes the frame completely disappeared when I tried to move it. 

In one hour time I was just able to add two fingerings. I also tried to remove some printed fingering from the score, but that did not work at all. I used the "eraser" symbol when I tried to do this.
Then I gave up. One hour for two fingerings and a failed attempt to remove some fingering.

So please add a system to easily add or modify fingering or please let me know what I do wrong. For me the current system simply does not work.
Using Hannspad 13.3 inch Android tablet and Pageflip Firefly pedal with MobileSheets for piano.

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