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I'd like to preface this by saying I've been using MSheets for almost a year now with great success and gratitude for Mike. But now having to deal with recovery issues I feel there needs to be a more rebust backup system in place.

Need a clue on what's happening. Problem started when I closed out companion before it finished. All my files gone. Its been frustration after frustration since. I tried to load from backup (complete with audio files). It only restored half, telling me some didn't load because of external space not connected. (some?, more like everything from mid-M's thru the Z's) Never had external storage, or external sdcard. (However this same backup loaded correctly on my backup tablet.) Spent countless hours\days reloading missing pdf's and mp3's. Had it up and running. Few days later while using at a gig - went to load a song and it went into "loading...." limbo. Had to eventually hard reboot the tablet. It (the tablet) never came back up. Obviously not a MSheets problem, but this required a factory reset and reloading of apps - including the newest version of MSheets. Reloaded from scratch all 600 songs and immediately backed it up. Both a backup with audio, and one without. Decided to 'update' my backup tablet as well with this backup. Since its running a much older version it obviously didn't like the newer backup files and crashed MSheets. Needed to go into 'manage apps' and wipe data from Mobile Sheets before it would come back up. Of course it now can't authenticate my license and will shut me out after a few days. But decided to at least reload from previous backup that worked correctly before. It now experiencing same issue as my primary tablet did and will only load half of those files!!!!!

My choice is now to update MSheets on my backup tablet to new version (which I am leery about since constantly experiencing "loading....." issues with the new version, but at least can back out of them now without a crash). My primary tablet is back up and running who knows when it will crash again. I need to have a way to successfully recover my tablet within an hour. To me it would be far easier to be able to just drag a duplicate folder/file structure into a default location and have MSheets recognize and rebuild the song list exactly from the current folder/file structure. Not the other way around. I know this is how your import should work, but since of these files have had numbers appended to the front or back, the appended numbers become part of the song title. Not acceptable

By the way, in my summary above I did leave out several different backup attempts using different options mainly because it's all become a blur in my mind. I have no faith in the backups since they have never worked completely without requiring lots of maintenance to relink missing files.

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