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Annotations Editor Stopped Working!
(01-13-2017, 09:18 AM)Ayeff Wrote: Hi,

I am in panic mode - suddenly the Annotation Editor has stopped working (it had been working alright for the first couple of days).  The menu comes up ok, but if I then select any of the tools - pen/highlight/text - the icon in the menu bar will highlight ok but I cannot get anything on the screen!

I have checked that the colour is not set to white; tried changing pen thickness and checked the level of opacity.  Still no go!

I had been using the PC Companion app to make regular backups with each day's work and so tried restoring from the PC to correct any corruption that there might have been in the library file.  However, I have now tried each of my backups right back to the first and I am still unable to use the Annotation Editor!

I have also restored onto another tablet and the result was the same on that tablet at first, although later it worked, then stopped working again.

Because I am getting the same problem on both tablets (different makes/specs/os's) and with all my backups, I can only believe it to be a bug in the Annotation Editor code somewhere.

I don't really want to uninstall/re-install and start all over again if I can avoid it as I have scanned in over 200 scores so far and added active links to many of them!

I would however like to state that in general I am well impressed with MobileSheets Pro and I ain't about to give up on it!


Fresh info that may have a bearing?

As I have two tablets I decided to play around with one of them whilst leaving the important one alone.

My original session of scanned PDFs had been saved in DropBox under a folder 'Music Scans'; I then created sub folders 'Part 2' and 'Part 3' to store the next two days worth of scans.  (I did this so I could import the first batch for trying out MS Pro and know where I was when importing more without risk of duplicate files if I inadvertently reloaded one that was already there.)

So back to today:  I went into Android App Manager and deleted Cache and Data for MS Pro so that when re-starting MS Pro it would behave as a fresh install.  I then imported all my PDF scans again (which I still had in DropBox).  The first batch went in ok;  I checked the Annotation Editor which was working fine.  After giving it a 'damn good thrashing' I proceeded to import the rest of the scans from DropBox .  Having selected the Dropbox 'Music Scans' folder the screen then showed the 38 PDFs in that folder plus the 2 sub folders 'Part 2' and 'Part 3'.  In the overflow menu I selected 'select all' and this is where I noticed something unexpected.  The blue highlighting that MS Pro applies to selected files (in addition to the check mark) had been applied to the 2 sub folders as well!

I wondered if this meant the sub folders were going to be downloaded as well - and whether this could have caused a corrupted library file in my original installation???  I decided to err on the side of  caution and cancel the selection; then reselect the files individually.  I then imported them into the same Collection that the first batch were in and checked the operation of Annotation Editor.

All is working well!!... yippee!!  I have of course lost all my link point edits and annotations that I had spent many hours doing, but I will continue testing on this secondary tablet until I am confident that things are sorted before moving it all to the main tablet.

Meanwhile I would be glad to receive any thoughts back on this.


I also had a ''Black Rectangle'' flashing in the upper center of my screen while trying to select Tools in Annotation Mode lately this week while using the Android version... 
Dominic  Huh

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